MS Project Late Tasks Indicator : Highlight and Track Delayed Tasks

Highlighting late tasks is very a basic and daily task for any project manager. Highlighting the tasks gets the attention of the required people easily. 

# Option 1: Use Highlight Late Tasks 

This option is the easiest and most convenient. You can find the option to highlight under the View tab. The highlight features is very unforgiving.  So, even if a task is 0.01 % behind, the task will be highlighted as late.

Highlight Late Tasks  MS Project
Late Tasks under View Tab

Highlight Late Tasks Option in MS Project
Project Plan after using the highlight.
Highlight Late Tasks  MS Project
Project Plan before using the highlight.

In order to avoid confusion its always better to let everyone know that MS Project highlight feature is based on automatic calculations and it is not you who is highlighting the tasks as delayed.

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# Option 2: Use The Status Indicator Field

The status indicator field provides an alternate way of displaying the status. Right click on any column and insert the Status Indicator Field. 

Status Indicator in MS Project
Status Indicator in Action

Status Indicator  Field MS Project
Status Indicator 
The status indicator has three statues - This task is on Schedule , Task is behind Schedule and Complete.  The good thing is that the field works for the summary tasks as well. The only drawback I see is that you cannot filter the tasks based on the statuses.

# Option 3: Use The Status Field

The status field is also an option. The status field can be inserted by right clicking and selecting Status field. 

MS Project Task Status
Status Field

Using the Status field in MS Project
Using the Status Field
The Status field is a text field and has 4 statues.  Future Task, On Schedule, Late and Complete. The status field allows you to filter based on the status. So, you can display just the statues that you want to see.

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Techno-Tip : You can add a new field by right clicking and selecting the field name.

Custom Field MS Project

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