Microsoft Project Holidays and Add Resources MS Project

Adding MS Project Holidays is important. Adding and maintaining resources is one of the most basic tasks any project manager has to do on a regular basis. This article will discuss some common tasks like adding resources, resource work times, resource vacation time and holidays in Microsoft Project.

#1 : Adding Resources in MS Project

Adding Resources in Microsoft Project
Adding Resources MS Project

Microsoft Project Holidays
Resource Details
  • To add resources open the Resource Sheet view and click on any of the rows. Enter the name and initials for the resource. 
  • Having initials is handy as you might want to show the initials instead of showing the long names. You can also add resources from the Resources Tab by clicking Add Resources.
  • After you have added the basic information you will be able to see a new row created for the resource details entered. I generally hide all the columns and keep the columns seen in the diagram below.
  • The Max column allows you to define the max amount of time the person is available. If the person is only half the time then the field should be set to 50%.
  • Std Rate allows you to enter the cost of the resource per hour in dollars.

#2 :  Setting up project and resource working time

Project working hours, daily start/end time, hours per day, days per month settings
  • You can setup the working hours per day and week by going to Options (Start up Menu) --> Schedule.
  • You can also setup first day of the week, start time, end time and days per week. The settings selected here will apply for the entire project and all the resources.
MS Project Change daily working time
Change daily working time for project

Individual Resource Working Time

Setting up project and resource working time
Image 1 : Change Working Time for Resources

  • If you want to apply a different set of settings for people working lesser time or on  a part time basis then you can do by changing the working time. 
  • To change the working time you can open resource information by double clicking on the resource name in the resource sheet. You should see the Change Working Time button as highlighted in the Image 1 above.

    Microsoft Project Holidays
    Image 2: Change Working Time Main Dialog

  • If you add a new entry and click on the details you should be able to add details for each day. 
  • Individual leaves can be added by entering a Name and then start and stop dates. If you click on the Details button  then you can add recurrence patterns or add flexible hours only for that day.
  • After you click on the Change Working Time you should see the dialog which will allow you add Exceptions and Work Weeks. Please see image 2 above.

  • Exceptions can be used when you want to add holidays or leaves for individuals.  
  • Work weeks allows you to define a different working pattern other than the default working time. 
  • The main dialog shows the current exceptions and the calendar for the resource in question. This can be used to setup part time schedules for individuals. Please see image 3.

Microsoft Project Holidays
Image 3: Adding Work Week Details.
  • You can select the exception to occur on a day, weekly etc. It is very similar to the outlook recurrence options.
  • The work week option allows you to set the non-working or reduced hours per day for a week. 
  • Once the time or day is set to be different from the default setting the changes will affect all the weeks for that resource.
  • This feature is very useful if someone in the team works only a few days a week or works different hours to the default setting.

Microsoft Project Holidays
Detailed View of Leave

Microsoft Project Holidays
Adding Annual Leave

#3 : Add Project Holidays in MS Project

Any project will need to have public and project holidays which are applicable to the entire project. To add public holidays please click on Project Tab and then click on Change Working Time.

After the change working time dialog is opened. Please make sure the drop down For Calendar is selected as Standard Project (Calendar). If the Standard Project calendar is not selected then the changes will be applied to the specific person who's name has been selected in the For Calendar.  

Any Exceptions that you add here will be applied to the entire project. This is place where you should add public holidays based on the country you reside in.

Add Project Holidays
Add Project Holidays

Add Project Holidays
Add Project Holidays