Task Management vs Project Management : 9 Differences

Task Management and Project Management are different activities carried our by different people. In some cases task management can be a subset of project management. The decision to use task management or project management depends on the size of the work that needs to be done.

Task Management vs Project Management
Task Management vs Project Management


  • Focus of task management is on individual tasks or a set of task done by a team. Generally. these tasks are more BAU(Business As Usual) type tasks or day to day maintenance tasks.  
  • Project Management focus is on the entire project team and delivery. The delivery of the end product is tracked rigorously. Stakeholder management and change management are given high priority.

Ownership, Priorities and Decision Making

  • Ownership of tasks is with the team leader or the line managers. In some cases the owner might report the status to project managers if the tasks being performed are part of a bigger projects.
  • In case of projects the ownership for tracking and reporting is with the project manager. The overall ownership of the project is with the project sponsor. In many cases the project manager is also given the complete ownership of the project.  Project decisions are made in structured fashion as compared to task decisions or priorities.


This is one of the major differences when it comes to task management vs project management.

Status Reporting

  • Task Management reporting is very informal and is general done via emails. 
  • Project Status Reporting is detailed and contains additional information like risks and costs associated with the project.

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