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The Multiple Project Timeline Template allows displaying multiple project timelines with different phases for each project. The timeline also allows to report a % complete and has a today line indicator which gives everyone a clear idea about where the projects stand.

PowerPoint Timeline Template
PowerPoint Timeline Template

How to use the PowerPoint Timeline Template

  • The PowerPoint Timeline template is divided into horizontal sections. The first section is where we have the project name and timeline. 
  • The first column will have the project names. 
  • Each phase in the project is represented by a block. The size of the block should reflect the length of that project phase.

  • Each block can have one of the 3 statues.  Red is for delayed, Amber is for possible delays and Green is for all good. Coloring the project phases as per the status gives the report reader a clear picture of where the issue is.
  • There is a today line which needs to be update every time the timeline is  published. It provides a reference to know where the projects are in relation to the current date.
  • You can change the timeline to a longer duration by making it quarterly or make it shorter by making it in a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Click Here to Download PowerPoint Timeline Template

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