Project Management Dashboard with Cloud Based Software

Recently I was approached with a requirement to create some dashboards. It got me thinking as to how I can provide a dashboard using a cloud based service which integrates with my data sources. 

Project Management Dashboard with Free Dashboard Software
Project Management Dashboard

About the Project Management Dashboard

  • The dashboard covers the key aspects about a project status update.
  • The dashboard is built using clicdata which is a cloud based business dashboard software.
  • The dashboard can be shared online via a link.
  • The dashboard will auto update from the source on a hourly or daily basis.

  • Data can come from spreadsheets in Dropbox and cloud based project management software.
  • This specific dashboard is built using a excel spreadsheet template in Dropbox. 
  • The dashboard will work on other platforms - tablet, mobile etc.
  • Providing capability of viewing the the project status anywhere - anytime is priceless.

How to create a Project Management Dashboard 

Creating a dashboard with CLICDATA involves a few steps so I have categorized the tasks you need to do into 4 steps. Before getting into the details I recommend you go through some Basics.

Step 1 : Create your data source

  • Creating your data source means getting your data which you want to show on dashboard ready. 
  • In this specific example I have used DropBox as my data source and the data comes from an excel status report template. 
  • You can download the Project Status Report Template that I have used in the example.
  • The excel template has different tabs for Project Schedule, Budget, Risks, Issues and Change Requests.
  • The excel status report template has several tabs or sheets as with CLICDATA you can import one sheet a time. I will explain in detail in the next section how you can create data connections.
  • CLICDATA supports integration with a large set of applications and interlaces. Please check out their site for the full list.

Step 2 : Create your data connections

Step 3: Create your project management dashboard

  • This is the most difficult but the most exciting step as well.
  • In this step you will create your dashboard using the widgets provided.
  • It is a good idea to draw a diagram/wireframe about what you want on your dashboard before you actually start working it. 
  • You may also want to see all the widgets avaliable to understand which suits your purpose.
  • Please see detailed step-by-step article on how to create your dashboard.

Step 4: Share your dashboard with others

  • After all the hardwork finally its time to share your work.
  • After saving your dashboard please go to the main screen on the dashboard section.
  • Clicking on the lick icon will take you to a Live Link Screen. After making the link and setting up the privacy options make sure you hit on the save button.
  • You can use the link provided to share your dashboard.
Sharing your dashboard
Sharing your dashboard
Enabling your link
Enabling your Dashboard link 

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Swapnil Wale is an IT Professional based in Sydney, Australia with over 10 years of experience in technology and project management. He is a passionate blogger and focuses on project management and BRMS articles.


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