PowerPoint Timeline Template Free Download : Single and Multiple Projects

Drafting a good timeline will help the team and stakeholders know how you have planned the project. This PowerPoint timeline template can help you present your timeline in a clear and informative manner.

Powerpoint timeline template

Some tips for you when working with timelines...

  • If you are looking for multiple projects then consider - PPT Timeline Multiple and PowerPoint Timeline with Status Indicator.
  • Only have high level phases in the timeline. Adding too many details will make the it cumbersome to read. 
  • Always mark the first version as draft or WIP so that people can give feedback. If you don't mark your timeline as tentative people may panic and feel they are forced into doing something they have not planned.
  • Review the draft with key stakeholders before sending it out.The more feedback you get the better. If everyone knows what they are going to get then it is easier to get an agreement. Socializing the PPT before had will also make sure that there are no gaps in the assumptions you have made about the project.
  • Clearly document and highlight the assumptions you have made. It is important that everyone knows that you have made some assumptions. 

  • Make sure people are comfortable with any project phase overlaps before publishing. Sometimes not all project phases can run in parallel. It is always recommended to take advice from subject matter experts before the timeline in 
  • Always have an last updated date on the project timeline.
  • If you want to highlight any issues then use bright colors like red. A project manager should always make sure any issues are clearly highlighted. 
  • Use different colors for different phases to make it easily readable. This helps your stakeholders to clearly see what they to see want. It also helps in establishing similar type of activities. 
  • Always keep the Today Line updated. Highlight the key dates on top so that people are aware of the milestones.
  • We highly recommend that you see our collection of templates for timeline with excelroadmap PPT Template, timeline in MS Project.

How to use the PowerPoint Timeline Template

  • The simple PPT and can be used without a lot of changes.
  • You can change the timeline from months to quarters by renaming the months.
  • Move the Today line to the current date.
  • Use the comments section to make comments about any special notes.
  • Each phase contains names and start/end dates.

Powerpoint timeline template
Project Timeline
                               Number 1 - The timeline title and updated date.
                               Number 2 - The timeline and key milestones.
                               Number 3 - Comments sections in the timeline for special mention.
                               Number 4 - The phases with dates.

Click Here to Download the Power Point Timeline

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