What is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project a.k.a MS Project a.k.a MSP is a tool for Project Management designed and built by Microsoft. I have extensively used Microsoft Project and love the tool as it helps a project manager to manage projects better.

What is Microsoft Project?
What is Microsoft Project?

Project plans or schedules

  • Using MSP a PM can create tasks based on duration or effort and assign resources either full time or part time. 
  • MSP also allows creation and maintenance of multiple project plans. 
  • You can baseline your projects. 
  • Create traffic lights indicators or use the inbuilt filters to highlight issues.

  • MS Project has a very user friendly interface which can help a beginner to schedule and track projects. 
  • It also has  features like highlight over allocated tasks.
  • MS Project can be used to create project timeline.
  • A project manager can use different view like Gantt, Calendar etc to see the same project plan in different angles. 
Using Microsoft Project to create project plans
Project Plans

Manage project resources

  • MS Project has all the features required for project resource management. 
  • Microsoft Project allows a project manager to create different types of resources and assign costs to them. 
  • It also allows a project manager to allocate resources on part time or full time basis. 

  • Every project can have its own calendar and every resource can have a different working time.
MS Project Resource Pool
Resource Pool

Report Generation

MS Project has some amazing reporting features which can allow a project manager to generate reports on almost all the data related to the projects. The Microsoft Project Reports can be used to generate task status report, budget report and resource management reports. 

Report Generation
Report Generation

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