Project Tracking Spreadsheet Excel Free Download

This Project Tracking Spreadsheet is for simple projects and can help a project manager in task and overall management. This spreadsheet has been designed based on IT Projects but with little customization can be used for any project.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet
Project Tracking Spreadsheet

Features of the Project Tracking Spreadsheet

  • The project tracker is for simple projects which do not need complex project manager software or Gantt charts.
  • The tracker can help in managing projects which have up to 20 tasks.
  • Suitable for projects which follow waterfall methodology.
  • The Project Tracker has two key sections – The task tracker and timeline tracker.
  • Designed to work with IT Projects so covers different SDLC Phases for each task or component.
  • Each component can be tracked against normal SDLC phases like Analysis, Design, Build, QA, UA and Implementation.
  • Each component will also have a status column which has 5 different statues. The status can be On Track, Concern, Delayed, De-scoped and On hold.
  • Progress of each task in the tracker is measured using % complete.
  • On track status should be used when things are going fine, concern is when things are slowing down a bit and delayed when the task is delayed.
  • De-scoped when the task was started in the project but de-scoped. On hold when for some reason the task has been put on hold.
  • The project timeline provides a view of important or key phases in the project with a start and end date for phase.
  • The timeline also a status column for each phase which is similar to the status for tasks.
  • There is a section for project team details. You can modify the template and use that section for anything you wish. In fact you can modify any of the sections you want as per the project including the status.

 Using the Project Tracking Spreadsheet

  • The Project Tracking Spreadsheet is easy to use. The only configuration is under the data tab is the task and component status. You can change the status types but the highlighting will stop working as the conditional formatting will stop working.
  • The particular example used in the article is for a project for website development. The website development project is tracked at two different levels. 
  • First, the entire project timeline which is on right side and has only the high level components. Each project phases will consist a number of components.  
  • Second, the individual components level where is has different modules like login, home page, integration and other components with tracking status.
  • We highly recommend that you have a look at 5 templates for tracking.

Click Here to Download Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template

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