Project and Issue Tracking Heat Map Dashboard

Heat maps provide a simple and effective way of communicating status of tasks, issues or project modules . In this article we will look at two types of heat map dashboards - List and high level dashboards.

Heat Map Template
High Level Heat Map Template
The high level heat map can be used to display status of the project components or phases. The size of each cell depends on the size of the component. Enter the Module Name on the top and the status below the module name. In the above example I have used a website building project as an example.
  • Hopeless = Dark Red.
  • Bad = Light Red.
  • Worry = Yellow.
  • Good = Green.
  • Great = Dark Green.

List Heat Map Template
List Heat Map Template
The list heat map template is simple list of items. Each cell will have name and then status.  Use the following status. I have used Project Management Toll Review as an example.
  • Green Status = Green Color.
  • Amber Status = Amber Color.
  • Red Status = Red Color.

Click Here To Download The Heat Map Template

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