Gantt Chart Excel Template Free Download

Gantt Chart is one of the most used method of displaying a project tasks with a timeline view. This template is designed is designed to allow easy creation of tasks with smarts like highlighting delayed tasks and timeline adjustments. 

Gantt Chart Excel Template Free Download
Gantt Chart Excel Template Free Download

Features of the Gantt Chart Excel Template

  • The template allows users to enter start date of the view.
  • The timeline for Gantt chart can be adjusted. You can view timeline for 1, 2 or 5 days or even more.
  • Allows use of predecessors for tasks.
  • Auto calculates end dates for tasks based on start date and effort.
  • Highlights when tasks are not 100% complete beyond the current dates.
  • Highlights the current date on the Gantt Chart.

Note : 
  1. When creating a task always copy-paste the existing tasks so that the conditional formatting also gets copied to the new task.
  2. You can change the color of the Gantt by changing the conditional formatting options.

Gantt Chart Explained
Gantt Chart Explained

Download Gantt Chart Excel Template

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