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Executive Management always like an update at a high level. They do not have the time to get involved in details. This dashboard will give the executive management a birds eye view of the entire project portfolio for 3 quarters.

Executive Project Dashboard
Executive Dashboard Projects

About the Dashboard Template

  • Designed to provide a high level overview projects completed, in flight and pipeline projects. 
  • View of 3 quarters - last quarter, current quarter and upcoming quarter.
  • Each project represented by a block which has the project KPIs.

  • Each project has an overall project status which can green, red or amber.
  • A budget value of the project is displayed so that management can know how much the project is costing the company.
  • Three indicators - S which stands for Schedule, B which stands for Budget and R which stands for Risks. The indicators can be red, green or amber.
  • For overall or individual KPI - Red status means that there is something wrong. Amber - It is more of a concern so needs to be looked at. Green - All good.
  • The dashboard uses different legends for quarters. The legends are displayed on the top left had corner.
  • Today's line providers a reference to the current date.

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