Sprint Planning and Tracking Excel Template Free Download

Sprint planning and tracking is an essential part of Agile Project Management. This template will help in planning, tracking and resource management for a two week sprint.

Sprint Planning and Tracking
Sprint Planning and Tracking

Key Features of the Template

  • Allows planning, tracking and resource management for a 14 day Sprint.
  • Has different tabs for Planning, tracking and resource management.
  • Provides a high level view of the tasks being worked in the sprint.
  • Allows reuse of tasks defined in the planning for the tracking phase.
  • Highlights discrepancies in planned and actual effort.
  • Highlights the current day which provides a good reference point.
  • Highlights resource utilization : under-utilization and over-utilization.
  • Read only columns are highlighted with a red cross mark.
  • This template can feed into sprint planning and retrospective meetings.

Limitations of the Template

  • As of now can only accommodate two week Sprints. ( We are working on a 4 week Sprint template).
  • Tasks cannot be split in order to be assigned to different people. (If you want to split the tasks then create two tasks).
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Steps in Sprint Planning

  1. Conduct a Planning session with the team.
  2. Confirm the scope/tasks, task owners and the estimates.
  3. Using the template populate the sprint plan.
  4. Update the tracker( allocations - planned) and review the resource allocation to make sure all the resources are used in an optimal fashion.
  5. Share the plan with the team to make sure there are no gaps.
  6. As the sprint progress record the actual effort for each task on a daily basis.

Sprint Planner

Sprint Planning
Sprint Planning
  • Sprint planner is a simple list of tasks which need to be delivered in the Sprint.
  • Task ID is the key ID in the whole of the template and must be sequential.
  • Task owner is the resource who will be responsible for the task. 
  • Always use only one task owner.
  • Estimate effort is the effort required to complete the task.
  • Planned effort is driven from the resource allocation in the tracking tab so it is auto Populated and is Read Only.
  • Status is a free form field which can be used to represent the task status.
  • Sprint start date is the date on which work will start. This should always be a Monday.

Sprint Tracker

Sprint Tracking
Sprint Tracker
  • The sprint tracker is the key tab between all the three as it will be used frequently.
  • The tracker can be divided into two areas - on the left we have the task details and on the right allocations.
  • To load the task details from the Sprint plan all that you to is type in the Task ID. 
  • Typing in the task ID will copy the task description, Task Owner and Task Estimate from the sprint plan.
  • In the second section we have Planned/Actual and then allocations.
  • The planned hours total will be auto populated based on the allocations. 
  • Similarly,  the actual total will be populated from the actual row.

Resource Tracker

Sprint Resource Management
Resource Tracker
  • The resources should be added into the resource tracker so that they can be selected in the planning tab.
  • Resource allocations are shown on a daily basis.
  • If the cell is highlighted green then the resource has been allocated full 8 hours.
  • If the cell is highlighted in amber then the resource is under allocated which means they have less work.
  • If the numbers in the cell are highlighted in red then the resources are over allocated and have more than 8 hours work per day.
  • This tab also helps sprint capacity planining. 

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