Product Backlog in Agile Project Management: What it Is and How to Use It

Product Backlog in Agile Project Management
Product Backlog in Agile Project Management

What is an Agile Product Backlog?

  • In Agile methodology, the product owner gathers required tasks or requirements as Product Backlog Items (PBIs), also referred to as “stories.” 

  • By retaining an ever-changing but all-inclusive list in a central repository, the prioritization and visibility of PBIs facilitates planning and allows for pulling product backlog items into Sprints for development and implementation. 
  • PBIs may be submitted by any stakeholder and added to the product backlog, but the product owner makes the decisions on product backlog priorities.

How the Product Backlog Template Contributes to Agile Methodology

Product backlog information forms the basis of pulling PBIs into sprints for development and delivery through:
  • Providing a central repository of items/tasks identified by the product owner and stakeholders
  • At-a-glance view of prioritized items for consideration in sprint planning
  • Quick reference of relative task difficulty, sprint preparedness, and status
  • Story points contribute to establishing a reasonable number of tasks that may be accomplished within the scope of any sprint execution.
Product owners can utilize this information to make accurate decisions on PBIs to be included in sprints, based on priority and level of resource requirements. 

Using the Product Backlog in Agile Development

  • Product backlog information is continuously being updated with new items and status information of previous items. 
  • This varies considerably from a sprint backlog, which is static in nature once PBIs have been designated as included in the sprint.

  • Product owners and scrum masters can benefit greatly from standardization and effective use of the product backlog template.

We recommend you check out our Free Excel Product Backlog Template.
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