Project Management Status Report for Dummies

Sending status reports is an important part of project management. This article will help you understand the reasons why you should status reports, what should the status report contain, who and when to send it out and how you can create status reports.
Project Management Status Report
Project Management Status Report

    When and whom to send...

    • Weekly - Majority of the project managers prefer sending the report on Friday or Monday as it covers the previous week.
    • Monthly or Fortnightly - If it is a brief one page status report then it makes sense to send it once a week but if more than a page then fortnightly or monthly will also work.
    • Include - key stakeholders, project team, your manager, sponsor, co-workers and any person who can be related to the project.
    • Check before sending - When adding controversial issues or escalations make sure you give the people responsible a heads-up. This helps in maintaining relationship with the project team.
    • Maintain Frequency - Whatever frequency daily or monthly make sure you maintain the same frequency throughout the project duration.

    How to send the status report...

    • Status Report Templates - You can use Word, Excel or PowerPoint template.
    • Project Management Dashboards - Use dashboards to display project statues.
    • Generally, the status reports are emailed to everyone. You can also send a link to the document.
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