Agile Project Management Dashboard Excel Free Download

One of the key challenges for any project manager responsible for an agile project is report the right picture of the project progress.
Because of multiple sprints involved stakeholders may not be able to see a forward view of the project. This template attempts to address the issue of giving a line of sight for an agile project.

Agile Project Management Dashboard Excel Free Download
Agile Project Management Dashboard

About the Agile Project Management Dashboard

  • Provides a high level overview of the backlog and sprints contained in the project.
  • For each sprint captures start, finish, backlog items planned, a burn down chart and risks/issues.
  • Based on the start and finish dates for the sprint the current sprint is highlighted in blue.

  • Each of the items or tasks in the back log can have different statues - Complete, On Track, Delayed and Behind.
  • Data tab to capture Planned and Actual effort/story points which then feeds into the burn down chart. Please see below image for details.
  • Its free to download and  use.
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