Managing Multiple Projects : Tools, Tips and Templates

Managing multiple projects has become the new norm for project managers across the world. In this fast paced world where often companies invest millions of dollars on projects it is important that project managers have all the tools and templates needed for multiple projects.

Managing Multiple Projects
Managing Multiple Projects

Maintaining Multiple Project Plans

  • Always have a project plan no matter how small or big.
  • You can maintain individual plans or a master project plan which contains all the individual plans.
  • Have a fixed time every week when you will review and update these plans. It is best to block sometime out from your schedule.
  • Closely track and monitor delayed tasks across projects. Using Traffic Lights in Excel or MS Project is a good practice.

Task Management across Multiple Projects

  • Track critical tasks across projects to ensure project do not get delayed.
  • While all the project plans have a tasks listed it is also a good idea to have a note of critical tasks and follow up on that.
  • Have a clear WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) for each of the projects.
  • Highlight task dependencies among other projects.
  • Verify the estimates for tasks with SME.

Conduct Regular Status or Stand-up Meetings

  • Having a daily meeting to track progress is essential. As a PM it is better to know if a task is at risk rather than knowing it is already delayed.
  • People often tell the actual status when they are asked.
  • It is easy to find out common issues.
  • Acts like checkpoint for PMs to keep track of multiple projects.

Status Reporting for Multiple Projects

  • Reporting for multiple projects can be time consuming so you can use a multiple project dashboard or a portfolio dashboard. 
  • It is important that you share the status reports with your teams so that they know what management is being told.

Managing Resources Across Multiple Projects

  • It is important that you maintain a resource pool so that you can have a track of  who is doing what.
  • Having a clear of view resource utilization across projects is key as it can help you in making decisions about if you can shuffle resources between projects.
  • You should definitely consider have a resource plan for multiple projects.

Connect with your onshore / offshore teams

  • Managing multiple projects team can be challenging if you don't know your team well.
  • Make sure you meet with the team regularly. Remember they are are human after all.
  • Ensure you appreciate small wins that the team achieve.

Managing your own time

  • As a PM running multiple projects it is important you manage your own time.
  • You can have some simple strategies like blocking your time out for 2 hours everyday for one project.
  • You can use To Do Lists designed for Project Managers to keep your tasks updated.
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