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Project Plans  -13 templates.
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Project Registers & Logs - 11 templates.
Project Timelines - 10 templates.
Project Dashboard - 9 Templates.
Change Management - 6 templates.
Heatmap for Issues - templates.
Project Budgeting - 4 templates.
Risk Management - 3 templates.
Project Closure - 2 templates.

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Project Registers and Logs : 7 Free Templates

Every Project Manager needs to maintain certain registers and logs. In this article we will look Risk Register, Issues Registers and Decision Logs. All logs are based on MS Excel and can be downloaded free.

1. Managing Project Risks and Issues

Project Risk Register
Project Risk Register
One of the key tasks when managing any project is to manage the project risks and issues. Every organization has its own way of managing the risks and issues within their project management disciplines. Download Excel Based Risk Register.

2. Project Change Management - Change Log and Change Request Template

Project Change Log Register Template
Project Change Register
When a project manager drafts a project  plan he or she hopes that the project will run as per the plan. In reality, projects seldom run to plans. Change is the only constant. As a project manager you need to make sure that the decision to proceed with the change request is not made in an unilateral fashion. Download Change Register and Change Request Template.

3. Project Decision Excel Log

Project Decision Excel Log
Project Decision Excel Log
Documenting and tracking decision in a project is every project managers responsibility.The decision log captures all the key information required to make decisions. The article also discuss why a project manager should maintained decision log. Download Excel Decision Log.

4. Project Issue Register

Project Issues Register
Project Issues Register

Tracking project issues is something a project manager has to always do. Having a template to capture issues is very essential to ensure that all the information is captured and all the issues are stored in a central location. Download the issue log excel template.

5. Project Benefits Tracking Template

Use this project benefits tracking template to track your project benefits. Download.

Project Benefits Tracking Template
Project Benefits Tracking

6. Project Stakeholder Register Template

Tracking your stakeholders is a important and this Excel Stakeholder Register will allow you to that.

Project Stakeholder Register Template
Project Stakeholder Register

7. Root Cause Analysis Template

Download our Root Cause Analysis Template to document incidents and issues.

Root Cause Analysis Template
Root Cause Analysis Template

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