June 12, 2018

Weekly Timesheet Template | Google docs Timesheet Template

The Weekly Timesheet template using Google Docs has been built for simple and effective time tracking. Timesheets are important because they provide transparency, tracking and accountable for the time people spend on tasks. Timesheet are a great tool when used in the right way. Timesheets are useful to both the people entering the timesheet and their managers.  
Weekly Timesheet Template, Google docs timesheet template
Weekly Timesheet Template

Why should you log your Timehseet?

  • The people entering the timesheet can see what they have worked on historically. 
  • With multi tasking becoming the norm we tend to forget what we have worked on easily.  
  • When people spend more than the time they should be on something then timesheet is a great way of tracking that time. 
  • Timesheets are very useful to contractors as they use it to get paid. 
  • Once a timesheet is entered and reviewed it becomes a record. 

Why should you ask your team to log Timesheet?

  • Having your team file timesheet is very useful as it gives you a clear picture of what everyone in your team has been working on.
  • It gives the manager an idea as to what tasks his or her team have been working. 
  • As the timesheet is on individual basis it gives a clear view of what the person is working on.
  • The totals for daily and weekly very easily tell you if the person has been working full time.

Features of the Google Docs Timesheet Template

  • Can be edited and viewed from anywhere on any device.
  • The template  shows totals of per day and weekly total for tasks.
  • The template allows capturing of up to 15 different tasks for the entire week. 
  • New tab on the sheet denotes a new week.
  • Google Docs is free to use.

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