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March 18, 2022

What is AWS Solutions Architect? Why do you need AWS Solutions Architect Certification?

Businesses in today’s world are all opting for cloud services. And with Amazon Web Services dominating about 70% of the market, becoming an AWS Solutions Architect might just be the push your career needs to propel itself in the right direction.

What is AWS Solutions Architect?

Before we look into what an AWS Solution Architect is and what job role do they perform let us 
understand what AWS is in brief.

AWS is a cloud computing platform that is comprehensive and continuously evolving. It provides, 
infrastructure, platform, and software as services, these are commonly referred to as IaaS, Paas, and SaaS respectively. 

Businesses use these services to run their applications. To keep these applications running smoothly, or even before that, to build these services or environments for organizations an architect is required.

This is where the AWS Solutions Architect comes into the picture – they design, build, deploy and 
maintain business applications, environment, and the critical infrastructure on the AWS cloud. This 
requires skills and expertise to design cloud-based solutions, build them, most of which are on the 
advanced level. It also requires the expertise to transfer all of the workloads to the cloud.

Role of AWS Solutions Architect

To Design, Build, Deploy, and Maintain business applications of various organizations, and AWS 
architect will have to perform these roles:

Role of AWS Solutions Architect
  • Understand the objectives of the requirement to deliver better solutions.
  • Migrating older systems and workload to a cloud for better efficiency.
  • Secure the cloud environment.
  • Attempt to prevent downtime.
  • Determine risks involved.
  • Improve operations by digitizing tasks.
  • Prevent data leaks.

Pre-Requisites for Certification

There is no compulsion to have a certain amount of experience to get the AWS Solutions Architect certification. However, 1 year of hands-on experience in designing secure, high-performing, Cost-effective. Highly available, and scalable systems using AWS are preferable.

Who should take the certification?

Any candidate working in the AWS field or the general cloud computing field can take this exam and 
get certified. People who want to get into this domain can also study the subject, pass the exam, and 
get certified too.

The exam will validate a candidate on their ability to design robust solutions which are secure using 
the AWS architecture. Also, the validation is further based on how a candidate will follow the 
architectural principles and provide implementation guidance based on best practices. So, if you have 
these skills or are ready to learn these skills then the AWS Solutions Architect role is for you.


Any candidate that is certified in this course has seen a boost in their career. Following are some other benefits:

Benefits of AWS Solutions Architect
  • This course keeps you future-ready: Almost every business is taking their space to cloud computing, the workloads are being transferred to the cloud and as AWS is the major player in cloud computing, having this certification will keep you future-proof.
  • Enhances your expertise: The process of learning before taking the exam will give you additional experience that will enhance your professional expertise.
  • You get a higher compensation: The salary benefits are tremendous.

Salaries of an AWS Solutions Architect

The salaries for beginner architects average at 5LPA and as your career progresses the packages 
increase to upwards of 40LPA. 

The AWS Solutions Architect Exam

The syllabus of the exam is divided into 4 domains which are:
  • Design Resilient Architectures.
  • Design High-Performing Architectures.
  • Design Secure Applications and Architectures.
  • Design Cost-Optimized Architectures.
The weightage given for these four domains is 30%, 28%, 24%, and 18% respectively.

The detail of each domain is listed in this link.

What does it take to earn this certification?

To earn this certificate, you will have to take up the course if you want to learn or brush up on your skills and then take the exam. If you are a working professional and well versed with AWS architecture then you can directly go for the exam.

This however will require extra efforts and discipline in case you choose to opt for the course. To make 
it easier for you we have designed our courses in a way that you will grasp the knowledge quickly as 
well as gain hands-on experience at problems and their solutions.

Tips to pass the exam:

With a brief explanation of what the AWS Solutions Architect role is and what the exam is about, we will leave you with a few tips that can help you pass the examination smartly:

Tips to pass AWS Exam
  • Try to gain some work experience in AWS architecture before opting for the course or the exam.
  • Research on AWS services.
  • Take up a well-designed course. Preferably, the one we have crafted.
  • Understand the exam patterns.
  • Take a lot of practice tests before you hit the actual exam.
  • Go through the AWS best practices.
  • Join practitioner groups.
And the most important point of all, study to work, not just to pass the exam. Because studying for 
the exam will give you a certificate, but what good is a certificate if you cannot execute the tasks and 
find solutions at work.

All the best!!

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