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When you are managing multiple projects it always a challenge to report the current status in a quick and easy format. This project portfolio dashboard will allow you report status on multiple projects.

Portfolio Dashboard PPT Template
Portfolio Dashboard PPT Template

Features of the Project Portfolio Dashboard PPT Template

  • The dashboard has a project road map for the year. 
  • The road map can be used to display project timelines. 
  • The project health card covers the key parameters about the project - schedulebudgetresources, risks and changes. Depending on the status change the color of the traffic lights.

  • Use red if the situation is out on control, amber is it is concern and green if all ok.
  • The project funding section displays the costs for each of the project.
  • The resource allocation will tell how many resources are allocated to each project.

  • The project risks can be used to display risks count for high, medium and low. This section is also used to display open changes requests, issues and the total no. of risks open.
  • The project funding, resource allocation and project risks are graphs. The graphs can be edited by right clicking and selecting edit data.
  • The edit data can be used to do an edit in PowerPoint or do an edit in excel. Doing it in excel will allow to change formulas.

Click Here to Download the Project Portfolio Dashboard PowerPoint Template

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