Sprint Retrospective Meeting Template with Agenda: Free Download

What is a Sprint Retrospective Meeting?

  • A sprint retrospective meeting is part of the Agile method of project development
  • The sprint retrospective comes at the end of each sprint, the relatively short periods of development in each iteration of the project.
  • The goal of the sprint retrospective is to provide a time during which the development team can look back at their performance during the sprint, assess how well they did, and identify ways that they can improve during the next sprint. 
  • We recommend that you add the below template to your Project Management Templates and specifically to the list of Agile Project Documents.

Excel Team Calendar Template Free Download: Plan Monthly Schedule

When managing a small team it is vital that a manager has all the tools required to do capacity or workload planning. This template which is calendar based allows resource planning for the team by using a matrix of resources, dates and tasks.

Agile Project Plan Template Samples Free Download : Excel and MS Project

Are you not sure if you need agile or waterfall project management methodology? Do projects at your company often come up short? Are you and your team constantly taking two steps forward only to take another back? 

If you’d love to overhaul your approach into something more efficient, agile project management is the solution. 

Sprint Capacity Planning Excel Template Free Download

Capacity Planning for Sprint based Agile projects is the process in which the amount of work that can be done in the sprints with available resources is planned. This excel template helps a Scrum Master or Project Manager in capacity planning for sprints and get a head start in agile projects. 

Task Priority Matrix Excel Template Free Download

Task Priority Matrix Excel Template Free DownloadTask Priority Matrix is a approach of categorizing the tasks you have into Critical, High, Medium and Low. The categorization helps you to address the tasks on priority basis. This priority matrix build in excel helps you to manage your tasks and priorities.
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