Project Success Criteria Excel Template with 28 Examples

What is project's success criteria?

In order to take the guesswork out of the equation, agreeing on the criteria by which the project will be measured by is done at the beginning of the project. The criteria will define whether the project will be deemed successful by its major stakeholders, upon its completion. This is never an easy task, and each project is judged differently by other criteria.

Employee Skills Matrix Excel Template

What is an Employee Skills Matrix?

A skills matrix is a table or grid that helps to visually depict the competency of an individual against specified skills and knowledge areas.  Skills matrix template is essential for a manager to know who of his team members has the capability and skills to do a particular job.

RAG Status Template Excel

What is RAG Status?

RAG is an acronym that stands for Red, Amber and Green. RAG status comes into picture when you track the status of the business project. One of the most common and simple mechanisms to report on the performance and status projects is by using RAG indicators.

Project Options Paper Template Excel

At some point in your professional life you will be asked to provide options for certain tasks or events to your senior management. To be able to get give all the information you need to ensure you first collect all the information required. This template and steps will enable you to provide all the information required to your management for decision making.

PMO Responsibilities : Delivery, Excellence and Portfolio

Whether you are new to the topic of PMOs and are considering implementing one in your organization or are revisiting the current catalogue of services of an existing office (or simply because you have a random interest in PMO stuff!), the continuous debate about a PMO’s responsibilities may intrigue you.

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