Project Checklist Templates : Excel and Word Template Free Download

As the project progresses through each of it phases it is critical that the project manager keep track of tasks to be done. This simple template comes pre-populated with 100 questions for the various tasks required. You can also add your own with ease.

Project Checklist Template
Project Checklist Template

Why do you need a Project Checklist ?

Haven’t you always wanted someone who could simply list you all the aspects you need to check when managing a new project? Look no further. I’m giving you a way to quick-start your project!

If you are new to the profession, managing a project can be a roller coaster, sometimes scary, others exciting – even experienced project managers feel this way sometimes! To make your project run as smoothly as possible and to clarify your responsibilities, a project checklist can certainly be handy.

Project checklists are a simple but essential tool, often developed and distributed by a Project Management Office, whose purpose is to assist new project managers in following the project governance processes established in the organization, in this way standardizing the approach and assuring its quality.

Excel Project Checklist Template

  • Covers 100 checkpoints for 5 different project phases.
  • Covers key project phases - Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Close.
  • Each project phase is defined on a separate excel tab for better view.
  • Each checkpoint can be Open, Closed or N/A. 
  • N/A should be used when the question is not applicable.
  • The template highlights the status for visual indication.
  • New checkpoints can be easily added.
  • Has a comments column to record any notes/special mentions.
  • By default all the checkpoints are marked as open.
Project Checklist Template
Project Checklist Template

Different tabs in the Excel Project Checklist

  • The project initiation tab has questions related to the project initiation. It has questions to make sure that a project manager has done all the tasks before starting the planning session. This tab has around 15 key checkpoints.
  • The planning tab focuses on the various planing activities that need to be done.
  • It includes tasks like project schedule, resource planning, public holidays etc. The planning tab has 20 key checkpoints.
  • The execution tab has checkpoints for day to day management of the project.
  • It deals with managing the key project deliverable and project team communication. There are 24 checkpoints in the execution tab.
  • Project Control focus is on the governance aspects of the project.It has checkpoints for stakeholder management, reporting and other governance aspects. It has a total of 31 checkpoints.
  • Focus for this tab to make sure that all the project closure activities are complete. It has 10 key points.

Project Checklist Word Template

Where there is a repeatable set of activities, there is the potential to convert that information into a checklist. This being said, you can create sub-checklists by stage (e.g. initiation checklist, planning checklist) or by deliverable (e.g. Project Charter checklist) and play with different levels of granularity as necessary. 

Checklist Item
Is there a clear need for the project, with defined objectives and benefits?
Does the project have a committed and available sponsor?
Is it clear what will success look like for the project?
Has an experienced and skilled project manager been appointed?
Have key stakeholders been identified and are there needs being represented?
Does the project have available and skilled resources?
Does the project team have clearly defined and agreed roles and responsibilities?
Has a project charter been drafted and signed-off?
Has the governance route for the project been discussed and agreed with the PMO, including stage gates?
Has a project management plan been created and signed-off?
Have all project deliverables been identified with unambiguous completion criteria?
Has a detailed project plan been developed, in line with known constraints and deadlines?
Has a detailed project budget been developed?
Have a scope, schedule, and budget baseline been set?
Have stage gate criteria been met for each stage?
Have project risks been identified and do they have a mitigation plan and owner?
Have all management logs been updated regularly?
Has project progress been monitored regularly and tasks updated?
Have regular status and progress reports been submitted and distributed?
Have change requests been identified, tracked and controlled?
Have all deliverables been completed and signed-off?
Have all management logs and project plan been closed?
Have lessons learned been documented?
Has a project closure report been developed and signed-off?
Have you celebrated the success of the project?

Make no mistake though: project management is much more than simply following a checklist! A project checklist is just a tool and “a fool with a tool is still a fool”! Projects not always go according to plan, however, at least now you have a checklist that you can use.

The Importance of a Project Closure Checklist  

The attached checklist needs to be filled out and signed as a part of the report. Even seasoned PM’s and PMO’s who have brought many projects to a full closure, may sometimes overlook basic steps of the report.

A checklist is the best way to avoid these mistakes, which may leave a bad taste in the mouths of otherwise happy and content clients. The checklist should also specify who is responsible for the tasks which appear in it.

Project Closure Checklist
Project Closure Checklist
All lists are prone to change according to the client, the company, the country and many other factors. The attached list specifies the basic and most important tasks, which should appear in any closure report.

Download the Project Checklist Excel Template

Download the Project Checklist Word Template

Download Project Closure Checklist Template

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