Project Communication Management Plan Template

Good communications are a key factor in successfully completing a project, and full transparency between the team members (whether it’s the executive level, mid-management or the production floor) will allow an ideal workflow.

Communication Plan Template
Communication Plan Template

A good CMP (Communication Management Plan) will outline the communication framework of a project, and serve as a guide throughout its lifecycle. It should also include a communication matrix and outline the methodology of summarizing meetings, and communicating their key takeaways. It can also include a team directory, even though most companies have on-line tools which replace this table.

Agenda and Meeting Summary

  • Agenda: A short agenda must be attached to each meeting request, outlining the meetings’ goal, chairperson,  attendees and expected outcome. 
  • MoM (Minutes of Meeting): A template of the MoM, which needs to be filled in after each meeting. .
  • Action Items: It is recommended to use the RACI matrix for this purpose; however a simplified version with only the “responsible” party is also acceptable. 

RACI Matrix

Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed

This matrix presents who does what (Responsible), who approves it (Accountable), who may give recommendations during the process (Consulted) and who is kept in the loop during the process (Informed).

RACI  Matrix Comms Plan
RACI  Matrix Comms Plan

Communication Matrix 

  • Communication: What needs to be sent as an attachment.
  • Format: Most communication nowadays is done with soft copies via E-mails. However this may change due to regulations or convenience. The communication matrix can also clarify this.
  • Frequency: The communication matrix must also detail how many times a day / week / month, etc. the communication will be distributed.

  • Owner: Who summarizes and sends out the communication.
  • Distribution: who should receive the communication; usually this is team specific, not personal.
  • Escalation guidelines: If an escalation is required, the communication matrix outlines who the correct person is.

Escalation Matrix

  • This will be used in cases when a disagreement occurs, or a task which is on the critical path of the project is lagging and denying the team from continuing their successor tasks. 
  • The trigger finger on this shouldn’t be light, and should only be used when all else fails.
Escalation Process
Escalation Process
If there is a lagging task
  • An analysis of how this lagging task will affect the entire project in terms of timeline, budget, resource load etc.
  • A recommendation in form of a recovery plan needs to be formulated, showing how the delay will be minimized.
  • The recommendation is then presented to the escalation role (as outlined in the Communication Matrix). If it approved then the entire project needs to be made aware and act accordingly. If it isn’t approved then it’s back to step #1.
If there is a disagreement 
  • The disagreeing parties must try and reach an agreement on their own. If one can’t be reached, then the escalation role (as outlined in the Communication Matrix) needs to serve as an arbitrator / judge and decide on how to proceed.

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