Automate Over 14 Frameworks

Dashboard With Real-Time Audit-Readiness

Controls Map Across Frameworks

75+ Integrations for a Single Picture of Security and Compliance

Automated Monitoring and Evidence Collection

20+ Auditor-Approved Information Security Policies

Automated Compliance Monitoring of Your Personnel

Other Exciting Features

Streamlined Vendor Management

Maintain an up-to-date directory of the vendors your company utilizes and understand their own security. No more trying to keep up with static spreadsheets as your company grows and onboards more and more vendors.

Security Reporting For Customers

Provide customers or internal stakeholders with a real-time report of the operating effectiveness of your security controls. Share reports via PDF Snapshots, or share a full report via a private URL where you can control access and visibility.

Built-in Risk Management Solution

Use our built-in Risk Assessment or upgrade to managing risk through our Risk Management Solution. Choose from 150+ pre-mapped risks, create a unique treatment plan, and continuously monitor risk in one central platform.

Auditor Access Controls

With enhanced visibility controls, our interface allows you to determine what evidence your auditor has access to—whether it’s for a specific audit or framework or a specific period of time.

Trust Center

When you update and add Trust Center onto your account, you can seamlessly integrate to provide real-time transparency of your organization’s security and compliance posture.

Custom Frameworks

Create your own frameworks without sacrificing automation. Our software offers a template to make uploading your framework and requirements seamless.