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What is a resource matrix?

A resource matrix is a mapping between resources and projects with the timeline in question.The matrix provides a convenient way of identifying gaps as it provides a matrix view of resource vs projects. With this view a resource manager can easily pinpoint which resources are not fully allocated. It can also be used to manage tasks.

Resource Matrix Excel Template
Resource Matrix Excel Template

Some things to know about Resource Matrix Template Excel

  • The Resource Matrix is simple to use and provides a complete view of the resources.
  • The resource matrix can be used for  managing project resources or for regular team management. 

  • As a resource is listed only once it is very easy to know where a given resource is allocated.
  • Easy to print the report for senior management.
  • Resources can be allocated to multiple projects or tasks.
  • Excel built-in filters can be used to filter on resources and roles.
  • When a resource is free the cell is highlighted for easy tracking.

How to use the Resource Matrix Template Excel

Resource Matrix Excel Template
Resource Matrix Excel Template Usage Tip
  • The resource matrix has two columns - Resources and Role.
  • The resource column should have the resource names.
  • Role should have the role for that resource.
  • Each resource should be defined only once.
  • The columns after the role column are allocations.
  • Define Project Codes for each project so that the project names do not get too long.
  • Based on the resource requirements populate the month columns with the project name to which the resource is allocated for that month.
  • If you type the words "Free" than that column will be auto highlighted to yellow color.
  • If the resource is not available that month then you can enter N/A.
Techno-Tip : If you want to see resource allocation for specific resource then use the in-built excel filters.

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