Excel based Resource Plan Template

The simple excel based resource plan is the easy and simple to manage. In this plan you can have resource allocated to different projects and the allocation is on a weekly basis.

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Excel Resource Plan

How to create a resource plan in excel

Step 1 :  Create a list of resources and their skills set

The first step is to create a list of resource and their skills. Ensure that you have covered all the resources you need to plan for. Also, list the primary skill you will be planning for.

Step 2 :  Understand resource availability

You need to know the availability for each of resources. It is important to understand if they are part time or full time. Typically, it is good to understand leave plans for the quarter.
How to create a resource plan in excel
How to create a resource plan in excel

Step 3: Create your excel template

After you have all the information it is time to create the template. The resource plan has 3 sections Resources, Skills and Timeline. Resources section will have the list of resources. Skills list is a primary skill for the resource. Timeline is where availability of each resource.

Timeline is a very key part of the resource plan. The timeline lists the availability of each week in terms of hours. So, typically you would expect each cell to have 40 hours. Anything else means the resource is not available full time. If more than 40 hours then it means the resource is over allocated. If they the value in the cell is zero then the resource is not available during that week.

Resource Plan - Over and Under Allocation
Resource Plan - Over and Under Allocation

Step 4 : Enhance the plan with conditional formatting

After the excel template is ready the next step is to enhance the plan with conditional formatting. Considering a typical 40 hours a week we will design the controls to highlight the cells.  If the cell us greater than 40 hours then highlight in red. If the value is less than 40 then display in yellow. If the cell is zero which is equivalent to a leave then the text should be highlighted in red. If the resource is full utilized then display in white. Implementing these controls will allow anyone using the plan to easily identify gaps or issues and take appropriate action.

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Excel Capacity Plan

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