Multiple Project Tracking Excel Template Free Download

It has become an industry norm for project managers to work on multiple projects. Keeping track of multiple projects is very challenging and having a mechanism to be able to track tasks effectively is key in the whole process. For any project manager working on multiple projects this should be part of Excel Project Management Templates.

Multiple Project Tracking Excel Template
Multiple Project Tracking Excel Template

Features of the Multiple Project Tracking Excel Template

  1. Provides a mechanism to track high level tasks for multiple projects. Easy, simple and free to use.
  2. Project Managers can use this tracker on a daily basis so that they can provide quick updates to their senior management.
  3. At any point will give a snap shot view of at least 4 projects. Additional projects can added and can be viewed by scrolling down.
  4. Handles up to 5 phases for each project. You can change project phases as per your need but the same phases will be applicable across all the projects.
  5. For each project phase there is a % percentage complete and comments section. The comments section is useful when there is a need to highlight issues. 
  6. Tracks up to 4 Key Performance Indicators(KPI) for each phase. Each project KPI has a status 3 statuses - Good, Bad and Worry,
  7. Good - when all is good, Worry - when you have concerns about the KPI and Bad - when things have already gone pear shaped.
  8. Provides a key notes and dates section which can be used to highlight and track key dates. Can also be used to document comments. 
  9. Each key date or comment has a column for date and status. There is also a status column which can be used to display Green, Amber and Red status. Generally, helpful to convey the status in regards to the date.

Some limitations of the template

  1. Cannot handle different phases for different projects because of the structure of the template. You may need to to grey out to delete certain phases for projects which are not applicable to certain projects.
  2. Does not replace the need of the detailed project schedule or plan as the template is meant for only high level tracking.

Click Here to Download Multiple Project Tracker Excel Template

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