Roadmap Template PowerPoint Free Download

Sometimes it can be difficult for Product or Project Managers to visualize the different goals or a project or product development. Using a road map template allows visualization of not only the timeline but also the components and the deliverable s with a high level over arching strategy.

Roadmap Template Free Download
Roadmap Template Free Download

Highlights about the Roadmap Template

  • The roadmap PowerPoint template has 4 sections – the timeline which is right on the top, capabilities, features and deliverable. 
  • The timeline on the top is a table and can be modified as needed. I have it down as monthly but you can change it to quarterly or yearly as needed. 
  • The capabilities part of the roadmap should capture the high level goals the product or the project is intended to achieve. 
  • In the example above we are looking at building a decision management tool so the capabilities are Decision Metaphors, Workflow, and UI Module.
  • The deliverable lists has the list of outcomes that you will expect from that phase of project or product development. 

  • After each capability there is indication line what will be the finished product. If you product is not usable till the end then you don't need the beta versions in between. 
  • Also, note that the color of the features matches with capability to indicate which features belongs to which capability. 
  • Bigger the size of the feature the greater the importance of that features. 
  • In some cases it might be important to develop a feature which is part of the capability planned for later stage of the product development.

Download the Roadmap Template

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