Excel To Do List for Project Managers

It is important that a project manager manages his/her tasks effectively. This personal task management template is loaded with features like sorting, highlighting task status and task dashboard to show key highlights.

Excel To Do List
To Do List for Project Managers

Features of the Excel To Do List

  • Provides an indication of the task status with the task indicator. 
  • If task is RED then task is due today or overdue. 
  • If AMBER then task is due in next 3 days. 
  • If GREEN that means the task is due beyond next 3 days.
  • Template sorts the tasks based on due date so that the project manager can focus on tasks which based on due date and priority.
  • Tasks can be sorted so that task are displayed on due date and task status. Task sorting can be done using shortcut Ctrl + L.
  • Can handle up to 10 projects and each task can have project, priority, status and due columns.

  • The dashboard shows no of tasks open and how many critical, high and medium.
  • A bar chart displays the total task open for various projects.
  • Due dates are validated and highlighted if they fall on weekends.
  • The excel template has two tabs - task list and data. 
  • The task list tab contains two main sections - Tasks and the dashboard. 
  • Task calendar which shows an overview for the next 10 days. It also highlights  today's date.
  • The data tab has auto calculated table and lists.
Excel To Do Project Manager
Task Details

How to use the Excel Template

  1. Populate the projects list on the data tab.
  2. Add tasks one by one with project, status, priority and due date.
  3. After add a new task press CTRL + L to sort the tasks. The tasks will be sorted based on due date.
  4. Project names can be actual projects or work streams like BAU, Team Management etc.
  5. As and when you complete the task changed the task status to closed and then press CTRL + L for task sorting.
  6. Every time you open the sheet make sure you CTRL + L so that you can start your focus on the tasks which are immediate priority.

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