Project Timeline Template : 6 Samples

Timeline provide a powerful way of representing project duration and the high level tasks involved. It is easier for everyone to understand when the project is going to start and finish if it is in a timeline view. 

Some tips when working with timelines

  1. Always take into account the resource availability - full time, part time etc.
  2. Consider public holidays for the project team. In some cases the team could be in different geographical locations. So, cover all the countries / states involved.
  3. Do simple validations - check if number of resources are planned work make sense. For example if you have 2 resources and 20 days then you should be completing something in 2 weeks or your project should run for 10 weeks.

  4. Always ensure the effort for tasks is estimated by the actual people doing the tasks. 
  5. Clearly, highlight any assumptions you have made so that everyone will know how you arrived at a given timeline.
  6. Always have some contingency in the plan so that you can cover up if something goes wrong. Depending on the size of the project 10% to 20% buffer should be applied.
  7. Verify the timeline before it is sent out to everyone. It is good idea to get some feedback by showing to senior managers or project team to understand glaring issues.
  8. When sending out the details it is a good practice to run it past a senior manager. It is important to understand the view the management has about the project. It is also very helpful if you get a feel from project sponsor or delivery by showing your timeline.
  9. Understand what other projects are running at the same time. This will help in identifying any cross project dependencies like resources, environments etc.

Product Roadmap Template

Sometimes it can be difficult for Product or Project Managers to visualize the different goals or a project or product development. Using a road map template allows visualization of not only the timeline but also the components and the deliverable s with a high level over arching strategy. Download Product Roadmap Template.

Product Roadmap Template
Product Roadmap Template

Single Project PowerPoint Timeline Template

The single project PowerPoint template is useful when you want to display additional details with the project tasks. The template is colorful and readable which makes it easy for every to understand. The template allows can be used to highlight potential issues with the project. Download PowerPoint Timeline Template.

Single Project PowerPoint Timeline Template
Single Project PowerPoint Template

Excel Timeline Template

This excel template which uses conditional formatting can be used to design timelines for single and multiple projects. The timeline has some cool features like auto calculation of end date or you can adjust the scale. Download Excel Timeline .

Excel Project Timeline
Excel Project Timeline Template

Multiple Project PowerPoint Timeline Template

The simple PowerPoint template for multiple projects can be used to show a view of a portfolio of projects.  The timeline also has status indicator key project KPI which can be used to show the status of the individual projects. Download Multiple Project Timeline PPT Template.

Multiple Project PowerPoint Timeline Template
Multiple Project PowerPoint Template

Multiple Project PowerPoint with Status Indicator

This gorgeous PowerPoint template with dark background allows not only capturing of different phases but also each phase can be colored to represent the project status. The template also a today line which is makes it more informative for the readers. Multi Project Timeline PowerPoint with Status.

Multiple Project PowerPoint with Status Indicator
Multiple Project PowerPoint

Multiple Project PowerPoint with MS Project 2013

This is basic timeline template which is created with MS Project. The article explains how the simple functionality in MS Project can be used to create more meaning full timelines. Timeline with MS Project.
Timeline with MS Project
Timeline with MS Project


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