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September 15, 2015

Project Management Dashboard PowerPoint Template Download

A project management dashboard is an handy tool for any project manager to give the project status in a snapshot. A dashboard should be able to convey status of key project parameters visually. This dashboard can be used for status updates with senior management or directors don't have time to go through the details.

project management dashboard free download
Project Management Dashboard

Features and Advantages of the Project Management Dashboard

  • Covers the key project management parameters with visual graphs for easy visualization.
  • Covers project schedule, budget, risks, issues and change management.
  • The Schedule section allows to update % complete and task break up - On Track, Concern and Delayed.
  • The Budget section caters for different expense categories like Resources, Software, Hardware and others. Each category allows Planned, Spent and Remaining costs.
  • Provides an option to visualize the project timeline. As the timeline is manual it can be changed as per needs.

  • The Risks and Issues section allows high, medium and low open items to be displayed.
  • Open Change Requests, Action Items and Pending Decisions can be displayed in a graph.
  • A free form update for any other project activities and basic attributes like project name, project manager etc are also covered.
  • As it is PowerPoint based dashboard it can be used to combine and report multiple projects.
  • And it is available to download and customize as per your needs !!!

How to use the Project Management Dashboard

The Project Management Dashboard contains 3 main sections - Project basics, Project Health and Project Timeline and Key Updates.

Project Basics
The project basics section has Project Name, Project Manager/Sponsor, Status Date and Project Status. All of them are text fields and can be modified as per requirement.

project basics
Project Basics
Project Health
  • Project health has 4 graphs - Schedule, Budget, Risks/Issues and Change Requests. You can edit the data by right clicking on the graphs. You will have two options to edit the data. 
  • First("Edit Data"), you can do a edit in the presentation. You can edit the data but cannot column/field names. 
  • Second("Edit Data in Excel"), you can do a edit in excel which will allow to edit data and do any other changes to the columns/fields.

project health graphs, project health template
Project Health

Project Timeline and Key Updates
  • The project timeline is manual and does not use any graphs. It can get a bit cumbersome to use but provides a lot flexibility as you can change the timeline to reflect days/weeks/quarters and add new project phases without much  of change. The timeline should be used only for high level project plan or phases.
  • The other key updates and notes should be used to provide a brief update on project activities. The updates should be kept as brief as possible.

Project Timeline and Key Updates
Project Timeline and Key Updates