December 07, 2015

Team Status Report Template

As a team leader it is important that you are able to effectively communicate the status of the tasks for your team. Providing transparency on the resource plan for your teams helps you to manage your stakeholders effectively.
Team Status Report
Team Status Report Dashboard

Key Features about the Team Status Report Dashboard

  • Can handle up to 10 resources and 5 projects for 3 weeks. 
  • The status report is a combination of PowerPoint(Dashboard) and Excel(Resource Plan).
  • Tasks completed and planned for next week will cover the tasks the team is planned to work.
  • The key updates can be used to highlight team issues, leave plans, general news etc,
  • Project allocations displays the resource allocation in terms for days for projects.
  • Covers tasks completed this week, tasks planned next week and other key updates for the team.
  • Resource allocations covers the allocation for 3 weeks. Current week and next 2 weeks.

How to use the Team Status Report Dashboard

As mentioned earlier the dashboard is made of two parts - PowerPoint(Dashboard) which contains the actual report and excel sheet (Resource Plan) which contains the actual resource allocations.

The Task Completed, Tasks Planned and Other Key Updates section is a table in the PowerPoint and can be updated in the PowerPoint. Remaining Sections should be updated in the resource plan.

Setup the resource plan

To start with the resource plan needs to be updated with the details for resources and projects. In the resource data section add the resource names. Make sure you use short names or the graphs and allocations will not be aligned. 

The resource plan is for 3 weeks. The allocations for last week and upcoming two weeks. If the total number of hours allocated is more than 8(max hours per day) then that cell is highlighted in red. The max hours per is configurable and can be set in the the config tab. Similarly, in the Projects Data you can add the project names. 
Team Status Report Dashboard
Resource Data
Team Status Report Dashboard
Project Data
After you setup the resource and projects you can proceed to do the allocations to Resource Plan tab. Do not update the allocations data in Resource Data or Project Data. The allocations should be updated only in the Resource Plan tab.

In the resource plan tab you need to allocate resource to projects. The resource plan also looks forward to 3 weeks. You can allocate the resource on hours per day. So, if a resource is 100% on a project then you allocate 8 hours. If the resource is allocate 50% then you allocate 4 hours to the project.

Resource Plan
Resource Plan

Integrating resource plan and the dashboard

This is the most trickiest part as it requires you to copy paste the table and charts form the spreadsheet. Follow these steps to integrate - 

1. Download the zip file and unzip it at a location of your choice. Delete the charts and table.

2. Copy the graphs present in the Project Data tab and then using the Paste Special(top left hand corner) paste the charts.
3. Copy the tabular data and paste into the lower section of the dashboard.
4. Any updates to the sheet will be reflected in the dashboard. If not then you can right click and then click on Update Link option.

Team Status Report Dashboard
Copy the graphs

Team Status Report Dashboard
Paste Special Options

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