February 24, 2016

Multiple Project Status Report Template Excel Download

It is very common for project managers to manage multiple projects. It is important to have a mechanism to be able to report on status of multiple projects at the same time. This excel template enables a project manager to report on up to 5 projects in one go.

Portfolio Status Report Template Excel Free Download
Portfolio Status Report Template

Features of the Portfolio Status Report Template

  • Can handle up to 5 projects and can be modified to add more projects.
  • Has a portfolio delivery road map which provides a timeline view of the project delivery. 
  • The portfolio status shows the status of the KPIs for all the projects. There is also a status for the entire portfolio.
  • Provides an overall view of the portfolio and also provides status of individual projects in the portfolio.
  • Portfolio Financials displays the budget(Planned, Actual, Forecast and Variance) for each of the projects. This section also shows the budget at a portfolio level.
  • After the portfolio level details are displayed there are separate sections for each project.
  • For each project a detailed schedule and any risks, concerns, dependencies, changes can be documented.
  • In the schedule for each project the following details can be displayed - Phase, Start, End, Progress and Status.
  • And it is easy to use !!!

Portfolio Delivery Road map

  • The delivery road map provides a high level view of  when projects will be delivered.
  • Use different colors so that the people reading the report can distinguish between projects.
  • To make it more informative you can include an exact date for the delivery.
  • You can change the timeline to 2 months or a quarter depending on your delivery schedule. 
  • Is is easy to use as it is an excel table. All that you need to do is type in a cell and pick a color.
Portfolio Delivery Road map
Portfolio Delivery Road Map

Portfolio Status

  • The Portfolio Status displays the information about the KPIs for all the projects.
  • Each project will have a status (Red, Green, Amber) for Schedule, Budget, Resources and Risks.
  • In addition to the project KPI statues the portfolio status can be used to display status at the portfolio level.
  • All the fields in this table are manual so you have to color the cells as per the status.
  • The portfolio status will depend on the status for all the projects. 
  • For example if schedule is red for more than 2 projects then the schedule for portfolio will be red. If the Resources for one project is red and one is amber then the overall status for the portfolio can be amber.
Portfolio Status
Portfolio Status

Portfolio Financials

  • The portfolio financials contains the budget information about all the individual projects and the totals at portfolio level.
  • For each project there is planned cost, actual cost, forecast and variance,
  • The individual project budgets are then rolled up into the portfolio level budget.
Portfolio Financials
Portfolio Financials

Individual Project Status

  • The individual project statues have the project timeline or schedule and a section to document the risks, issues, concerns or dependencies.
  • Having individual details for each of the projects is helpful to the team so that they are aware of the dates for the project.
  • Risks, Issues, Dependencies and Concerns is a general section which can be used to detail different risks or issues the project is facing. Each of the items can be marked as on track, delayed or concern. 
  • So, if the issue is severe then mark is as delayed, if it anticipated to become serious then mark it as concern and if you are confident you can resolve it then mark is an on track.
Individual Project Status
Individual Project Status

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