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November 15, 2016

Agile Dashboard Excel Templates

Agile Project Management Dashboard Excel Download

One of the key challenges for any project manager responsible for an agile project is to report the right picture of the project progress.
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agile dashboard, agile project management dashboard excel
Agile Project Management Dashboard

Because of multiple sprints, involved stakeholders may not be able to see a forward view of the project. This dashboard template attempts to address the issue of giving a line of sight for an agile project.

Provides a high-level overview of the backlog and sprints contained in the project. For each sprint captures start, finish, backlog items planned, a burndown chart and risks/issues.

The Backlog

  • Contains the list of items being worked for the project.
  • The backlog has item number, description and Sprint. 
  • The last column "Sprint" should have the sprint in which the backlog item is being worked on.
  • Typical values for that column will be "Sprint 1", "Sprint 2", "Sprint 3" etc.

The Sprints

  • Based on the start and finish dates for the sprint, the current sprint is highlighted in blue. 
  • So, if you see the above image sprint 2 highlighted which currently based on the system date the project is in Sprint 2.
  • Each of the items or tasks in the backlog can have different statues - Complete, On Track, Delayed and Behind.
  • Using Complete status when the item is complete and ready to be shipped or released.
  • On track status should be used when everything is as per plan.
  • Behind status should be used when the task has slowed down and could potentially get delayed.
  • Delayed is when the task is already out and will need some more time or additional resources to complete.

Risks and Issues

  • The Risks and Issues section for each sprint should be used to report any impediments the project team is facing. 
  • It is a free-form text update to you can report a few issues or one issue in detail.
  • Examples a list of issues - 1. The team capacity needs to be looked at., 2, Some of the defects need re-design. 3. Login module took longer than expected.
  • Example of one detailed issue - The team had a few unplanned leaves because of which the module has been delayed. The delay has had a knock-on impact on testing as testers will now need to wait as there are no other modules ready. This delay will impact on the timeline and cost of the project.

Burndown Chart

  • Each of the sprints has a burndown chart. 
  • A burndown chart is a graphical representation of work left to do versus time.
  • Data tab to capture Planned and Actual effort/story points which then feeds into the burndown chart. 
  • Please see below image for details.
  • Each sprint is assumed to be of 10 days. For every sprint we have planned and actual. 
  • You can either use work units or story points that you planned vs what was actually achieved in the sprint.
agile project dashboard, Data for the Dashboard
Data for the Dashboard

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