June 09, 2017

Work Log Template : Track & Schedule Daily Log, Weekly and Monthly

What is a Work Log?

Over the course of an average day, most people tend to work on many different tasks (both personal and professional) simultaneously. In order to accurately calculate how many hours were needed to complete a certain task, a work log needs to fill in by each team member.
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Daily Schedule Template Excel

Knowing where you spend your time in your day to day life is the starting point in becoming organized. This daily schedule template will allow you to track your daily tasks and also get a high-level view of where you are spending most of your time.

Specification:  A basic work log specifies when the employee started to work on a task (date & exact hour), and when they stopped (date & exact hour). Subtracting the start from the end will result in the number of hours spent on any task, and when. 

Other details may be added to this basic information of Work Log, for example, the hours which were initially allocated for completing this task, the percentage of a certain time period that this task required from the employee, etc.

Why do you need a work log 

Maintaining a work log has many benefits –
  1. Assists in planning - Calculating how many hours were needed in order to complete a certain task, can help in estimating the required time needed for a similar future task
  2. Assists in billing - Knowing how many hours were spent on a task can help in pricing future tasks for clients, internal budgeting or bids for third party vendors.
  3. Assists in the comparison between employees - If two or more team members are performing the same task, a log can easily compare between their efficiency. This factor, along with the quality of their work, can compare between their effectiveness.
  4. Gross vs. Net-Keeping a log can help an employee (or anyone else in their organization) calculate which percentage of their workday was allocated to any specific task. For example: Eugene required an entire work day (9 hours) in order to complete a task. His work log showed that he worked for 4.5 hours on this specific task, and didn’t have any other entries in his log on that day. Dividing 4.5 by 9 will show that he spent 50% of his work day on that task, and the rest of his workday was used for other non-work related activities.
  5. Project evaluation - Combing the logs of all the employees who were involved in a certain project can assist in evaluating its profitability post-completion. This can help in ascertaining whether to perform similar projects in the future.
  6. For general bookkeeping sake - Keeping a log can help at any point in the future when the owner of the log wants to remind themselves which tasks they completed, and how much time it took them.

Daily Log 

Daily Log, Work Log Template, work log
Daily Log

The most detailed log, which sometimes contains an hourly account of the tasks performed on any given day. It can be easily summarized and analyzed, but it will be difficult to add up any task that took more than a day to complete.

Here are some features of the Daily Work Log Excel Template. It allows users to record up to 25 tasks on a daily basis. The excel log captures the time, description, task type, time spent and comments on each of the tasks. The log allows up to 5 different task types.

The typical task types can be Meetings, Project Work, Claims Processing, Data Entry etc. Displays the total time spent for today and also the break down of the time spent on each of the task types. One-click button to create a fresh new log every day. Validates to ensure there is no duplicate worksheet for the same day.

Weekly Work Log Word Template

The most popular type, since most people easily remember what they’ve worked on in the past week and it isn’t too tedious to update once a week. This type of log is also easy for a supervisor to review and approve since it takes a few minutes to do so and also can assist in evaluating an employees’ performance.

For example: On 21-Aug worked on analyzing a work plan for 3.5 hrs, and 4 hrs on writing a report on lessons learned for the project which ended last week. On 22-Aug worked on preparing tutorials for the new employees for 8 hrs and so on for the rest of the work days in that week.

Monthly Work Log

This type of log is more of an overview of the work performed during a month, and typically shows the number of hours worked each day and on which project. If the employee worked on one project only, then it can specify which high-level task they worked on. For example 21-Aug: Interface Testing; 22-Aug: Script Evaluation, etc. This log can also be compiled using 4-5 weekly logs, but a higher level of detail.

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