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June 01, 2017

RACI Matrix Template : Excel and PPT with Examples

What is a RACI Matrix?

The RACI matrix is a table used to clarify the R&R (Roles & Responsibilities) in a matrix or cross functional organization, in regards to tasks that need to be completed throughout the projects’ lifecycle.

The RACI acronym stands for –
  • Responsible: who owns the activity and see it to fruition
  • Accountable: who signs off that it is completed
  • Consult: the SME (Subject Matter Expert) with whom there will be a two-way communication throughout the completion of the task
  • Inform: who will be informed of the progress of the task.

RACI Matrix Excel Template
RACI Matrix Excel Template

Benefits of a RACI Matrix

  • Clarify responsibilities: There is no room for ambiguity since all responsibilities are documented
  • Remove duplication of efforts: Clarity on who does what prevents team members from working on tasks that they weren’t supposed to work on
  • Set expectations: Because everyone knows what is expected of them, motivation and performance are likely to increase
  • Drive ownership: By assigning responsibilities to tasks, commitment and accountability can be generated
  • Accelerate decision-making: Since people will know who do they need to go to for decision-making
  • Communicate better: When everyone is clear on their responsibilities, you no longer need to wonder who should be speaking to a supplier or making a decision

 Guidelines for a RACI Matrix

  • There can be only one person responsible (R) for each task in the matrix.
  • Usually whoever is accountable (A) is also who the responsible team member reports to. Like point #1 above, there can be only one person accountable for a task.
  • The person consulted (C) on each task shouldn’t necessarily be from the same professional background as the one who is responsible. This allows a different perspective on the desired outcome of the task. There can be more than one person consulted on any given task.

  • There should be more than one person informed (I), but they should have a certain stake in the successful completion of the task.
  • Each task should have a due date.
  • A certain function can have multiple mentions (For example: be informed and accountable per one specific task). An updated RACI table is vital for the successful completion of a project in a matrix environment. It is a useful tool in the hands of the PM, allowing them to track progress, circumvent issues before they occur and free bottlenecks.

RACI Matrix Examples

This is an example of a Software Project RACI Table, that was put together after the kick off was approved. It is an example of how the project manager should track their tasks across the different divisions of the project. It includes positions which are directly under them (in the OBS diagram) such as COO and Admin, and matrix divisions such as QA, PMO and programming. Excel template 1:.

This is an example of how the Supply Chain RACI Matrix should track their tasks for a sourcing process. It is how the Supply chain VP should track the tasks within the SP division, and defines the tasks and responsibilities between the various teams that make up the supply chain division. Excel Template 2.

This is an example of an internal table which is used by a team leader of the QA Team Roles and Responsibilities. It shows how the tasks are split up between the team members, and is the only one who names them by name and not by function. This is because the other table present the tasks per teams and this table is for an internal team. PPT Slide #2.

This is an example of a RACI for Recruitment Process done by the HR Division, with the help of the hiring manager (from another division in the company). It shows how the HRBP tracks the different tasks between all the divisions and team members, and also includes the preparations that the system admins need to do for the new employees to have the needed access and systems on their computer. PPT Slide #3.

RACI Matrix Template PPT
RACI Matrix PPT Template

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