MOM Format Template: 4 Types Download

by Kishan Tambralli

What is MOM Format?

MOM stands for Minutes of Meeting and is used to record details of a meeting. The MOM captures all the details related to a meeting in a single document so that anyone can refer to it later and understand what actually happened in a meeting. A MOM format is a style or pattern in which minutes of meetings are captured. The form can be generic or specific to the company. Typically, MS Word is the preferred tool to capture a MOM. Other formats can include Excel, PowerPoint, and in some cases an Outlook or email. 

Minutes of Meeting Template Example,minutes of meeting format in excel, mom template
Minutes of Meeting Example

What should a MOM Format contain?

General Information and Attendance

The first section in the template has details that are more general in nature. Most of the fields are self-explanatory. The meeting chair is the person who is the key decision-maker. The meeting title is a short description of the meeting. Attendees are a list of the people who attended the meeting, and apologies are used to document people who did not participate.

Agenda, Summary of Discussion, and Conclusion

The Agenda should contain the key discussion points for the meeting. It should be a set of bullet points describing the different topics planned to be discussed. The agenda should be set before the conference is organized to use the agenda you sent when you scheduled the meeting. The discussion summary should contain a detailed list of discussed with specific names to clear who said what.

The discussion summary is the critical section, as most of what was discussed will be captured in the area. So, you should add as many details as you can. The meeting concluded in the MOM template should contain a quick summary of the meeting's conclusion. If two different topics were discussed, then you can have bullet points to discuss both issues.

Action Items and Decision Register

This section in the MOM template helps keep track of the tasks agreed upon in the meeting. If you do not need the decisions sections, then you can delete that from the template. It is highly recommended that you leave the action items.
General Section of Minutes of Meeting,Minutes of Meeting Example
General Section of Minutes of Meeting

Action Items and Decisions in MOM Format

The action items section is also one of the critical areas in the MOM template, as it captures what tasks or actions are pending. Assigning action items is very useful as each action item will have an owner and deadline. Every Action will have a Serial Number - a counter, Action Item - what is the task, Owner - who is responsible for the job, Due Date - the deadline for the task. It is essential to keep the action items rolling, meaning the action items are published until closed. Even after closing, I would suggest keeping the closed action item in the document with closed status for at least one meeting so that people will know when something is closed.

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Like the action items register, the decision register captures decisions made in a meeting. Each decision contains a Serial Number - a counter, Decision - a description of the decision made, Decision By - who made the decision, Date - the date on which the decision was made. The decision register should also be rolling and should be kept in the minutes as long as possible as people need to know what decisions were made and by whom.

Meeting Minutes - Decisions and Actions,meeting minutes - decisions and actions, mom format
Meeting Minutes - Decisions and Actions

MOM Format PPT or PowerPoint Template

PPT also provides ease of creating a MOM format. Out MOM PPT template captures the following details. Necessary information about the meeting, like meeting name, date, time, place, and host. The meeting objective covers the reason behind having this meeting. It can be a short summary to indicate what is the reason behind the arrangement. Attendees and apologies have the list of people who attended and not attended. Agenda is a list of agenda items that need to be discussed in the meeting. There is a discussed column for you to mark when the thing is concerned. Action items have the actual description, owner, and due date for that action item.
MOM Format PPT,mom format ppt, mom minutes of meeting
MOM Format PPT

MOM Format Email Template (Outlook)

Sending minutes via email is not recommended, but this is an option that can be used. This template is elementary and covers all the details. But at the same time has been designed to easily fit into an email. You can send minutes via email when it is not a formal meeting that involves senior stakeholders. One of the disadvantages of using email MOM format is that you cannot store like you store documents. To use the MOM template, simply open the .msg template with outlook.
MOM Format Email Template,mom format email template, mom format for email
MOM Format Email Template

How To Create Your Own MOM Format

While you can always use the readily available MOM templates, it can sometimes be necessary to create your own. Depending on your project's need, you may want to create a customer MOM that will help you. Please follow the below steps to make your own format.

  • Step 1: Pick your MOM format or doctype - Understand what kind of document you want to use Excel, Word, PPT, or simple email template.
  • Step 2: Finalize the content you want to see in the minutes. Generally, people have meeting title, time and place, attendees/apologies, agenda, items discussed, and outstanding action items. You can add your own specific sections like budget, risks, etc. It is vital to understand.
  • Step 3: Based on the content, divide the document sections into different categories, depending on the tool being used how you create the selection changes. For example, in word and PPT, you will have to use tables, whereas, in Excel, you will need to merge the cells to create blocks.
  • Step 4: Depending on your choice, color the headings. Typically, as minutes are a very formal document, the colors are light.
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