One Page Project Manager Template Excel

by Nick T

One Page Project Manager (OPPM)

The One Page Project Manager Template Excel helps a project manager to manage projects with a single page. The Latest One-page project manager covers the task tracking, maintain critical dates, task meter, resource load, to do for the PMs, risk, and issues tracking. The One-page project manager template has been designed to fit into one excel sheet and easy to print. Another important KPI has also been developed to be visible easily.

Features And Advantages Of The One Page Project Manager Excel Template

  • Covers all the critical project aspects on one page.
  • Allows capturing of critical milestones/dates with a status indicator.
  • Has a task meter that shows how many tasks are on track, concerned, or delayed.
  • Allows tracking of individual tasks and highlights delayed tasks.

Mega Bundle

  • Captures the resource workload for each resource.
  • Captures top 5 concerns, which can be risks or issues.
  • Captures top 5 action items or change requests.
  • Has notes and a to-do tracker which highlights tasks that have passed the due date.
  • Can handle a list of 20 pre-defined holidays. Holidays are reduced from the task duration.
Project Manager Excel template
One Page Project Manager Template

Task Tracker Section

  • The task tracker allows up to 21 tasks.
  • Each task has an owner, start date, end date, actual completion, forecast completion, and status.
  • All the columns marked in blue are auto-populated, so they should not be changed.
  • The task tracker calculates the Forecast % complete based on task start date, end date, and duration.
  • Based on the Actual and Forecast, the status is populated.
  • If the task is on track or ahead, then the status is green. If the task is less than 5% behind then, the task is marked amber. If the task is lagging behind for more than 5%, then the status is marked red.
  • Always copy the previous task to create a new task. Update only the columns marked in yellow. On day-to-day, basis updates the Actual % completion.
task tracker, one page Manger - task tracker, Task tracker
One Page Project Manager - Task Tracker

Milestones, Task Meter, And Resource Workload View In One-Page Manager

  • Milestones and Key dates section allow tracking of key dates and milestones. Each date has a due date and status indicator, indicating track, concern, and delay.
  • The Task Meter displays show the on track, concern, and delayed. The graph gets the data from the task tracker status.
  • The Resource Work Load displays the work allocated to each resource in days. The resource workload graph also gets the data from the task tracker.
One Page Project Manager, one page manager task meter and work load, Project Manager template
Task Meter and Resource Work Load

Concerns, Actions, and Change Requests Section

  • This section allows the tracking of risks and issues within the Top 5 Concerns.
  • Each concern has an owner and status, which can be On Track, Concern, or Delayed.
  • Each action item and change request has an owner and status, which can be On Track, Concern, or Delayed.
Concerns, Actions and Change Requests Section
Concerns, Actions, and Change Requests Section

To-Do and Notes List Section

  • The notes and to-do list are specially designed for project managers to keep track of their own tasks.
  • Each task will have a description and due date.
  • The task will be highlighted in red if the task is overdue.
Notes and To Do Action, TO do list
Notes & To Do List

One Page Project Manager Data Section

  • The data section can be used to set the resources. Populate only resource names.
  • The workload column is auto-calculated.
  • The public holidays can be used to set public holidays.

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