Project Deliverables Template

by Kishan Tambralli

Project Management Deliverables

Deliverables is a very common term used in project management. A project may have multiple deliverables to be accomplished during the course of the project life-cycle.  Deliverables in a Project is a product or service produced by a project for its customers or project sponsors. Project management deliverables can be tracked with Project Deliverables Template.

Project Deliverable is a service or an outcome that is “delivered” to the stakeholders and often has a due date by which it needs to be completed. A deliverable is an important part of the project and can be defined as something unique, tangible, or intangible produced due to a project. A deliverable could either be a report, document or a software product, or any other essential building block of a project.

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Project Deliverables Template


A deliverable can be classified as internal or external. Internal deliverables are usually required for the project to function smoothly but may not be a part of the service or product delivered to the end-users. Some examples of internal deliverables are project management, training, or testing. External deliverables are usually those that are delivered to the customer/client or stakeholders. An IT system, a newly built house or building, a website, etc., are examples of external deliverables.

Deliverables can be either large or small. There is no defined size for a deliverable. A deliverable can be as big as a house or as little as a report generated within a team. High-level project deliverables should be identified at the inception of the project, .i.e. when it is proposed. As the project progresses, these deliverables can be further specified and refined. It is a good practice for all tasks in the project to have deliverables. For example: in a software development project, a scoping document, project plan, design documents, creating a user manual, etc., are some of the deliverables.

Project Management Deliverables Examples 

Some major examples of a project deliverable could be as follows:

Software products:
An expected deliverable in project management is a software product. When a software program is being developed for a customer, these software products are customized and are usually delivered in phases. For, e.g., In the case of a banking website or application, different pages or modules are developed, and each module is a deliverable.

Equipment replacement:
Replacing old equipment in organizations is usually undertaken as a project. For, e.g., the installation of printers, desktops, laptops, phones, or any other assets delivered to the clients is considered a deliverable.

Milestones are another example of a deliverable. A milestone has a fixed due date and signifies the completion of a major deliverable during the course of the project. For, e.g., While a house is a final product, designing the floor plan, building/completing each room, etc., are milestones that result in the final output – the home.

Training Programs:
A Training Program is another example of a deliverable. Though the training program is the final product and a major deliverable, designing the training program, finalizing the content, arranging the logistics are some of the deliverables that need to be produced to reach and complete the final deliverable.

To illustrate project deliverables, let us take an example of a project to build a retail bank website. Creating a website involves a series of deliverables and milestones. Some of the milestones involved in this project are gathering the requirements, designing the website, finalizing the content, agreeing, and arranging the infrastructure. The tasks completed for these outputs are the project deliverables, some of which are listed below:

  • Designing the wireframes.
  • Designing the login module.
  • Creating the Accounts Summary Page.
  • Setting up the Fund Transfer functionality.
  • Designing the rewards module.
  • Credit card details page.
  • Set up the infrastructure.

Project Deliverables Template

Project Name: Project for which the deliverables list is being prepared

Project Id: Unique identifier of the project

Overall Status: RAG status of the project

Project Manager: Name of the person handling/managing the project

Date: Date when this document is created or updated
Serial Number

Deliverable name: Task to be “delivered.”

Description: Describing or giving a brief summary of what the deliverable is about

Owner: Person who is assigned the deliverable and is responsible for its completion

Status: Current status of the deliverable – Complete, In Progress, Not started, On hold, Cancelled

Start Date: Deliverable commencement date

End Date: The due date when the deliverable is expected to be completed and delivered

Comments: This field makes a note of any additional notes or comments

To summarize, a project deliverable is an outcome that a project produces and has to be “delivered” to the client/customer in agreement to the contract for the project to be considered complete.

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