What To Look For In A Sales Report Template ?

by Elina D

Importance of Sales in Business

In any organization, Institution, or corporate, sales play a vital role in the organization's success and thus sales report. The unique function of sales is to fill the distance among potential buyers’ needs that the business provides to fulfill their needs. As a businessperson, it is essential to maximize sales for the company to be profitable and survive in a competitive market. Thus, it is important to use the sales report as it helps business managers track sales revenue.

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Sales Report Template

Without sales, a business becomes a charitable organization. The sales report's significance is essential as it helps business managers track sales revenue, monitor the sales team, and effectively plan marketing strategies to forecast sales. From a sales representative's point of view, they emphasize and pinpoint how many deals have been closed, etc.

Features of the Sales Status Report

  • The sales activity report summarizes the status of sales within the company.
  • It depicts the trends happening in sales past a certain time, and they provide a glance at the company’s operations, sales performance of team members, increase future sales, etc.
  • Using daily/ weekly sales reports with the sales team is a powerful tool to increase your team's productivity.


  • An insight into the company’s internal issue of email suggestions concerning time and cost, source, etc.
  • Meetings are crucial in a weekly sales report. It represents how the sales representative performs in meeting potential customers, closing sales, and spreading awareness of the products and services, which is still pending.
  • The survey is in progress; it couldn’t be completed due to different things involved. For example, the questionnaire was too lengthy, and questions were biased; there was no clarity, due to which we didn’t get good feedback from the consumers.

How To Write a Sales Status Report?

Choose the right measures.

Focus on what matters the most to the sales managers and choose the right measures: the information should be data-driven and decisions possible.

Visualize data to convey better

Visualize data to convey better: Make it easy to grasp to the target audience, making the information yet effective and simple to understand.

Effective Report should include the following -

  1. The number of consumer meetings set up by a sales representative.
  2. No. of opportunities generated.
  3. No customer conversation by a representative.
  4. Lead Responses by positive customers.
  5. The number of outbound calls made by the sales representative.
  6. The total number of new leads generated by the sales rep.
  7. The total number of Closed deals.
  8. Overall daily/ weekly sales volume etc.
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