RACI Matrix Template Excel

by Elina D

What Is RACI?

RACI, know as Responsibility Assignment Matrix, is a method for identifying and documenting responsibilities of individuals in a project, process, or set of tasks. The acronym RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.

The fundamental of RACI is based on the fact that any given task or process will have someone Responsible for doing the task, someone, Accountable for the task, someone will need to be Consulted, and someone will need to be informed. RACI is generally articulated in the form of a matrix or chart. When designed as a matrix, the RACI has a set of tasks on the one side and the people or roles. The responsibilities are then mapped in the center of the matrix.

RACI Matrix for Software Development

RACI for Software Development

What Are The Roles & Responsibilities In  RACI?

  • When someone has been marked Responsible means they are responsible for actually doing the task.
  • When someone has been marked accountable, they will be held accountable if the task is not complete on time or is delayed or for any other reason not complete.
  • When someone is marked Consulted, the person will need to be consulted before the task is completed. These are generally SMEs or experts in the given field.
  • When someone is marked as Informed, they need to know the task and its status.
RACI Matrix Definitions

RACI Matrix Definitions

What Are The Best Practices When Creating a RACI Matrix?

  • You can assign the same person or group different RACI roles, but this should be avoided.
  • Ensure that you share the matrix with the managers or the team beforehand to get an agreement.
  • Make a copy of the RACI matrix and display it on your desk or general area so that people can constantly see it.
  • Remember, the matrix can change as the team matures or if the team undergoes any changes. So be prepared to keep making updates.
  • Make only one person accountable.
  • Always share the RACI matrix with the team for clarity.
  • A certain function can have multiple mentions.
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Benefits of a RACI Matrix

  • Clarify responsibilities: There is no room for ambiguity since all responsibilities are documented.
  • Remove duplication of efforts: Clarity on who does what prevents team members from working on tasks that they weren’t supposed to work on.
  • Set expectations: Because everyone knows what is expected of them, motivation and performance are likely to increase.
  • Drive ownership: By assigning responsibilities to tasks, commitment and accountability can be generated.
  • Accelerate decision-making: Since people will know who do they need to go to for decision-making.
  • Communicate better: When everyone is clear on their responsibilities, you no longer need to wonder who should be speaking to a supplier or making a decision.

RACI Examples

Below are the RACI Examples which are available on your website.

Excel RACI Example for Software Development Process

RACI is very widely used in the software development process. This RACI defines roles and responsibilities for different tasks in the development process. On the left side, we have the tasks, and right side, we have people responsible for one of the tasks. The RACI also has a status column that can be used to track the task status.

RACI Matrix Excel Template, raci template excel

RACI Matrix Excel Template

RACI PPT for Example Internal QA Process

The RACI PPT template for the internal QA process documents roles and responsibilities within a QA team. On the left of the RACI are the various tasks done in a QA process: planning, running scripts, recording defects, and re-running the scripts.

raci matrix template ppt

RACI Matrix PPT Template

RACI Matrix PPT Recruitment Process - An example of new hiring

This RACI Matrix Chart depicts the roles and responsibilities within a hiring process. The matrix maps the HR recruitment process and the different roles present in an organization. The matrix talks about tasks like posting a job, arranging an interview. Finalizing the offer, providing feedback, etc. It considers roles like Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Helpdesk, Site Admin, Accounting. The RACI also has a due date and status, which means it can be used for defining roles and responsibilities on a case-by-case basis.

RACI Matrix Example for Recruitment Process

RACI Matrix Example for Recruitment Process

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