Help Desk Ticket Template

by Kishan Tambralli

What Is Help Desk?

Most things in life don’t function flawlessly in perpetuity, and the help desk’s purpose is to help fix any malfunction which may prevent an employee from performing their tasks. This extends to all functions of the workplace: hardware, furniture, A/C, software, etc. The help desk is staffed by professionals like help desk technicians in various fields and provides assistance in all the functions stated above.

Help Desk Ticket, Help Desk Ticket Template
Help Desk Ticket Template Excel

Requesting Assistance

There are various communication methods to ask for assistance from the help desk (phone call, E-mail, face-to-face request), but the most popular method is by opening a ticket. This allows the request to be routed to the proper helpdesk employee, monitored by the supervisor, and gather statistics regarding volume, adherence to SLA’s (Service Level Agreements), etc.

Help Desk Ticket

To receive assistance, an employee must fill out a help desk ticket with all of the pertinent information. This ticket is then sent to the help desk and is routed to one specific help desk professional or help desk technician who will be in charge of it until it is resolved.

The Employee Is Required To Fill In A Few Fields Which Will Help In Classifying The Ticket –

Manage Tickets

  • The type of problem (furniture, computer, phone, etc.).
  • The description of the issue.
  • The contact information (usually this is done automatically by the system).
  • The physical location of the problem (usually this is done automatically by the system).

Task Management Pack

The Ticket Is Then Routed To The Help Desk, Who Will Fill In A Few More Fields?

  • Ticket number (usually this is done automatically by the system).
  • The name of the employee who is responsible for the ticket.
  • The priority of resolving the issue, which is determined according to the problem, the employee's position, project, etc.
  • The status of the issue: this is done throughout the lifecycle of the ticket.

IT Help Desk - Freeware Examples

IT Help Desk Template, IT Help Desk
IT Help Desk Template



 Key Features



· Free regardless of the number of helpdesk agents and users

· It can be operated on mobile devices

· Configures easily to Windows

· Monitoring services



· Allows easy customer prioritization according to set SLA’s

· It can be operated in 33 different languages

· It can be operated via mobile apps

· Allows turning tickets into knowledge-based articles for future ticket resolving



· Easy customization (logo, videos, images) of the tickets

· Has space on all tickets to note the actions taken

· Unlimited SLA agreements with clients 



· Auto search suggestion

· It can be operated in 34 different languages

· Helpdesk employees that are away can leave out-of-office notes

· Prevents 2 helpdesk employees from simultaneously working on the same ticket


 Mantis Bug Tracker

· Sets user access according to their position and project

· Resolved issues tracker

· Any notes are written on the ticket can be changed

· Reporting graphs for ticket statistics

Task Management Pack