Excel Team Calendar Template Download: Plan Monthly Schedule

by Alex .

Task Planning - Monthly Team Plan

When managing a small team, it is vital that a manager has all the tools required to do capacity or workload planning. This calendar-based template allows resource planning for the team by using a matrix of resources, dates, and tasks.

Team Task Planning Excel,Task planning, workload management, team calendar template

Monthly Team Task Planning

Team Task or Workload Management Best Practices

  • Have special planning meetings on fixed, regular intervals with the team for task management.
  • Run the meeting as a workshop so that you can get the best output from the team.
  • Ask questions about why certain tasks have to be done.
  • Understand any recurring tasks which need to happen monthly.
  • Take input from management and key stakeholders about priorities.
  • Take into account working arrangements (part-time/full time).
  • Take into account leave plans, public holidays, weekend work, etc.
  • Always include some contingency or buffer in case of unplanned leaves (sick etc.).
  • Once the plan is finalized, publish the plan to the team and give time for providing feedback.
  • Only after the team is comfortable publishing the plan to all the key stakeholders.
Task Planning,Task Planning, Team Calendar Template

Task Planning

Using the excel version

  • The excel version has two tabs - plan and config.
  • The planning tab has the matrix for resources, tasks, and dates.
  • The config tab has a resource list and projects. Resources can be defined in the config tab.
  • The projects can be tasks or projects.
  • Some tasks are default and should not be changed.
  • Resource availability is highlighted in green, leave in red, weekend work in red, Holiday is red.
  • Availability, Leave, and Holiday tasks have been coded using conditional formatting, so changing any text for these types of tasks is not recommended as it might affect the color display.

Using the PowerPoint(PPT) Version

Team Task Planning PPT,Team Task Planning, Monthly Task Planning Template, team calendar template

Monthly Task Planning Template PPT

  • The PPT version is simple and is confined to one page.
  • Similar to excel, resources are on the left and dates with tasks on the right.
  • Available highlighted in green and leave in red.
  • One difference between the two is that in the PPT, you can allocate % (percentage).
  • The PPT is flexible as you can change the colors of the allocations as needed.

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