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Sample Project Plan using MS Project

Project Plan

When starting a project, it always handy to use a project plan template sample so that you can get a jump start. Using a template also provides an opportunity to validate the steps that you might have planned.

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Sample Project Plan Sample using MS Project
Sample Project Plan Sample using MS Project

Project Plan Sample Downloads



Agile Project Plan


Agile project plan sample details every step of an agile project. The agile plan includes sprints, user stories, product backlog, and releases plans. The templates are in MS Project and Excel formats. Download Agile Project Plan Sample Template.


IT Project Plan Sample

Drafting an IT Project Plan requires knowledge about how Software Development projects work. The spirit of an IT Project lies in the process of moving system changes through environments. Download Sample IT Project Plan with Gantt Chart or Simple IT Project Plan.


Master Project Plan

When dealing with Project Plan for Multiple Projects, it is important to have full control over the schedule of all the projects or sub-projects. This article will explain how to create a master project plan with shared resources and use traffic lights to track a project plan.


Excel Gantt Chart Sample

The Excel Project Plan Template has some advanced features that help identify delayed tasks, traffic light indicators, and predecessors. Excel is a convenient tool to create project plans. This Excel Project Plan Sample with Gantt chart helps in tracking project tasks. Download Excel Project Plan Sample


Simple Project Plan Excel

Sometimes when projects are not complex, you need a simple project plan to track the progress. This excel-based template is easy to use and encompassed within a single tab. Download our Simple Excel Project Plan Sample.


SAP Project Plan Sample

Implementing the SAP system in a company is a strategic project that affects each employee, and the implications need to be understood and planned before taking on this endeavor. Download SAP Microsoft Project Plan MPP Sample.


Payroll Implementation Plan

Like most things, implementing a Payroll solution comes down to the amount of planning and preparation that’s gone into the project.
However, because of the legislative requirements and the sensitive nature of making decisions that will directly impact the method by which employees will receive their wages, a Payroll implementation brings a unique set of challenges. 
Download Payroll Project Plan Sample.

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