How to use Employee Training Plan Template

Follow the below steps start using the Employee Training Plan Template:

The first step in using the template is to set up your Assess Training needs, Identify the employees, implement a training program then use the template to track the progress of the employee training.

This template has the following section

  • Training Topic/Task: List the training that employees need to undertake in this column.
  • Mode of training: Enter the mode of training that employees need to take i.e.: classroom, online, or virtually by an instructor.
  • Training Hours: Enter the scheduled training time. While some training could be for just 1 hour, others could span over a few days.
  • Expected Completion date: update on which date training needs to complete.
  • Status: update the status of Notes: the training as per the progress.
  • Actual Completion date: Enter the actual date on which day Training is completed.
  • Note: Any additional details regarding the training or the completion status can be updated in this field.