How to use Helpdesk Ticket Tracker

Follow the below steps start using the Helpdesk Ticket Tracker Template:

Helps to create, delete, manage, and track the tickets.

The template has the Queue, reports, and config section for better control

 Queue tab:

  • Add New ticket: with help of this button add a new ticket.
  • Delete Ticket: used to delete the existing ticket
  • Refresh SLAs: sorts the queue to bring the ticket expiring soon on the top.
  • Total Tickets (Auto Populated): The total no. of tickets in the queue currently.
  • Breached (Auto Populated): the number of tickets for which SLA breached.
  • Max Age (Auto Populated): Displays the highest age of any ticket. This number tells how old is your oldest ticket.
  • : Auto populated by the add new ticket button and can be manually entered.
  • Description: enter a brief description of the ticket
  • Assignee: Drop downfield which is populated from the agent's list on the config tab.
  • Category: Very critical as SLA is based on the categories. A way to categorize the ticket.
  • Urgency:  A classification of severity of the issue. Not used in any calculation.\
  • SLA: time in hours.
  • Time received (Auto populated): displays the time stamp for the ticket war received.
  • SLA Target (Auto populated): displays the due time by which the ticket issue needs to be resolved.
  • Ticket Age(Auto populated): the number of days the ticket has been present in the queue.
  • Breached: a yes or no value to indicate if the ticket had breached SLA.

Report tab :

  • The report tab has the service desk dashboard total tickets, how many breached, and max ticket age.
  • Enter the categories and Agents which show the open and breached ticket.
  • Total ticket, Total Breached, Max age is auto-populated.
  • For category and the agents are highlighted in pink color to indicate breached SLA.
  • For Agents, the no. of the ticket is highlighted in amber if they have zero.

Config tab:

  • Enter the category these are the different types of tickets your team will work on.
  • If you want to be able to configure multiple SLAs then you should have multiple categories.
  • Beginning and End working for the team. This has an impact on the SLA calculation and how the SLA target field in the queue is calculated.
  • Agents are the team member who is going to work on the tickets. This list will feed into the assignee list in the queue.