How to Use Multiple Project Tracking Excel Template

Instructions on Template

To make you understand how this templates work. The content is divided into sections.


  • Multiple Project Tracking template build in excel can handle any number of projects.
  • You can add any no. of projects and access them by scrolling down the bar in excel.


  • This template has been designed for 5 phases and these phases will remain same for all the projects entered.
  • Each phase consists of %complete, comments section and KPIs.

Comments section-

  • You can write short notes on issues for the project in that phase.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)-

  • Each phase has 4 KPI which can be edited as per requirements.
  • Every KPI can been grouped to status of Good, Bad and Worry.
  • Indications for Good is all is good, bad is KPI is out of control and Worry is when KPI is a concern

Keynotes and dates section -

  • This section can be used to comment or highlight impostant points, comments or dates.
  • This is than followed by the dates and status columns.
  • Status displays in traffic color that is RAG which help to show status of the date.