How to use Power Point Project Dashboard

Follow the below steps to start using the PowerPoint Project Dashboard

The PowerPoint Project Dashboard contains 3 main sections - Project basics, Project Health and Project Timeline, and Key Updates.

Project Basics:

  • Enter the Project Name, Project Manager/Sponsor, Status Date, and Project Status in text fields and can be modified as per requirement.

Project Health

  • The project health card has 4 graphs-Schedule, budget, Risks/Issue, and Change Request.
  • Schedule: Displays project Progress and task status.
  • Budget: Represent the budget spent on the project i,e: (planned-spent=Remaining).
  • Risks/Issue: Displays Open risks and Open issues as per priority i.e, High, medium, Low
  • Change Request: Displays the Pending Action Items, Pending Decision, and open change Requests.

Project Timeline.

  • Displays the Project timeline to indicate the time taken for each project.

Key Updates:

  • Enter the brief update on the project activities. Keep the updates as short as possible

 You can edit the data by right-clicking on the graphs. You will have two options to modify the data. 

  • First ("Edit Data"), you can do an edit in the presentation. You can edit the data but cannot column/field names.
  • Second ("Edit Data in Excel"), you can do an edit in excel which will allow editing data and do any other changes to the columns/fields.