How To Use Product Backlog Template

The Product backlog consists of Roadmap and Requirements.

  • Roadmap - It is the foundation to build the product backlog which show the exact vision of the project.
  • Requirements - This shows what are customer requirements. What are the needs and wants.

Conditions To build a product backlog -

  • Only important and relevant task for delivery of product should be listed.
  • This document is time to time redifed by the product owner.
  • As the team progress, additional requirements can be updated.
  • The priority for task is maintained as Must do, Should do, could do and Won't have this time.
  • Next is to backlog grooming in sprint meetings where team determines which tasks to be done in upcoming sprint.

Product Backlog Template content includes-

  • Task name/description
  • Story
  • Dev Ready
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Story Points
  • Sprint
  • Release number and/or date
  • Acceptance criteria

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