How to Use Project Pipeline Tracker Excel Template

Template have following sections - 
  • The very first column is "i" i.e. indicator which is indicator of when the project will start.This automatically sorts in order of RAG color order. Red is 1 month, Amber 3 month and Green beyond 3 months for project to start.
  • Next columns Project Name, Start and Budget are self explanatory.
  • Template mainly designed to capture project pre - requisites. Here there are 4 columns Biz case, Timeline, Funding and Resourcing.
  • These pre-requites are than followed by status column. Status is indicating if the project is ready to start.It will be green if all the pre-requisites are completed successfully.
  • The dashboard displays the number of projects starting in next 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and beyond 6 months.
  • The columns are automatically sorted in chronological order based on start date when the sheet is open.So, if a project with start date in the next few days is added to the bottom of the bottom list then the next time the sheet is opened the project will be top.
  • Comments section is to have comments when there is any issue or delay to be explained.